Hey little sister who's your Superman?


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Every Marine platoon has at least one.



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Its funny, I used to have a business partner who had nothing but contempt for social media — while I, on the other hand, have had a social media presence for more than ten years and respect both what it can do for a company and how it can hurt a company.

In fact, my former associate was quite proud of his contempt for it and saw social media as completely valueless, even going so far as to tell me once that there isn’t any business that he might own that would ever need to bend to the “whims” of a Facebook in particular or social media in general.


My good friend Sister Roma

This campaign to overturn Facebook’s ill-conceived policy — initiated almost solely by drag queens in both Seattle and San Francisco — brought Facebook low, exposed its hypocritical, dangerous policy and the ridiculous thinking behind it, and forced them to change it — all of it initiated via social media.

Facebook’s own social media! Which is the irony of ironies here.

And in the process Facebook garnered a shit-ton of bad press for FB’s brand — press that they had to employ heavy PR, time, and energy toward in order to push back against it.

A push-back that completely and utterly failed.



The same former business partner just had this written about his (formerly my) club in Seattle in an important social media review this week after the club had played host to the acclaimed Decibel Festival.

“When Q opened a couple of years ago, it was talked about with reverence. The venue boasted a Funktion-One soundsystem, could stay open after hours, and was headed up by people with a genuine interest in quality dance music. As such, it seemed like a natural fit for Decibel, and quickly became one of the festival’s go-to venues. Unfortunately though, the club’s promise has slowly fizzled over the years; much like the Capitol Hill neighborhood it calls home, Q appears to be struggling with gentrification, and locals repeatedly told us that new ownership had gradually shifted its attention away from the music while increasingly catering to the tastes of a monied clientele. It’s funny; for all of the complaints we’ve made about Seattle and its aesthetic/fashion tendencies over the past few years, we’d rather party with an army of people in feathered hats, patchwork pants, and ugly loafers than deal with the douchey hordes that have descended upon Q.


We stuck around until after Parasole had gone on around 6 a.m., but even as the night wore on and the douchebags gradually headed for the door, it was impossible to get around the fact the Q’s vaunted soundsystem was badly in need of tuning. Throughout the night, the music sounded terribly flat, and it was clear that the system clearly needed some TLC.


Still, we returned to Q on Saturday night for another after-hours event, this one featuring live performances from Kink and John Roberts {…} as good as Kink was, John Roberts was even better. Taking a more subtle approach, he dialed down the energy level and crafted a highly melodic, more subtly grooving brand of house and techno that was an absolute pleasure to hear, especially at that late hour. It almost made the dealing with all of the Q-related nonsense worth it. Almost.”

— Shawn Reynaldo

I’m wondering how my former business partner is feeling about social media now.


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Where were you when I lived in Seattle?




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I read this story and thought about something that happened to me when I was kid that sort of resonated. And here’s something a lot of you don’t know about me — I was once beat up by a girl.


I was in 6th grade, new to the school, incredibly nervous and out of my element, a bit of a pussy (if truth be told), and involved in a gym class dodge ball game.

I got in an argument with a girl named Mary Bolster and she fucking wailed on me.

I went home that afternoon and thought and thought and thought about what had happened and resolved never to allow ANYONE — male or female — to ever beat me up again.

And in the 45 years between then and now, and with a number (OK. a lot) of really quite serious fights to my name it hasn’t happened. Including all those years in the Marines where Jarheads settle disagreements with fisticuffs, because using our words is just too hard for us.

Mary was a great catalyst for me — not as a catalyst for me to try to be some sort of bad-ass based upon the emasculation that I received at her hands — but to recognize and embrace the concept that if you’re going to get into a fight — physical or otherwise — make sure you fight that fight like your life is on the fucking line every time.

Because I can bet you dollars to donuts that if you do, the other person isn’t.

And to be beaten for being gay or standing up for gay civil rights — that just ain’t happening with me — by a woman as in this article, or by anyone else. Because I’m a staunch believer in women’s rights and women’s liberation — and I’d have no problem with smacking a bitch like the one in this story into a fucking coma if she stepped to me.


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Even though there’s condoms being used in this pr0n, I liked it. The guys are hot with pretty peens and clearly into each other — which is always a plus, imo.

Also, too; there’s excellent additional dining in rear.