Hey little sister who's your Superman?


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Nice cock!


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Soooo I moved into the new house over the holiday weekend and just now got the desk top computer hooked up.

I figure its gonna take me the better part of a month to unpack everything and put it all away. That because the dogs must supervise, sniff, and approve of everything that I unpack before it can be put in its proper place.

In the meantime —  and as the pups sniff out the next box I’m to unpack — won’t you please enjoy a picture of the view from my desk in my new study.


And yes, that’s the very infamous Black Betty with her limo tinted windows and her custom wheels in my driveway. She’s ready, willing, and able, and waiting to be taken out on her next mission.


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Here’s reason #4,691 why you should never bother watching the Sunday talk shows on the tee vee machine.


Peggy Noonan

This exchange occurred this weekend between republican hack and conservative mouthpiece Peggy Noonan — aka Our Lady Of The Magic Dolphins — and George Stephanopoulos as they discussed the indictment of Governor Goodhair down Texas way:

NOONAN: I think, yes, it was local Democratic overreach. It’s just a dumb case. I don’t think it should have been brought. Naturally he looks like someone who is…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But the prosecutor is a former Republican, I think.

NOONAN: That may be. But when you look at this case, it just looks crazy.

First of all, if Nooners hadn’t have scarfed down a quart of 90 proof liquid breakfast that morning she might have been sober enough to know that Democratic officials in Travis County recused themselves from the Perry case. Also, too: the prosecutor is a republican who worked in the administration of Bush the Elder and he was appointed to oversee the case by a republican judge.

In otherwords, there isn’t a fucking Democrat within a mile of this thing.

And heeeeelllllllooooo? What’s with the “I think” Georgie? If you don’t know then you have no business being on my tee vee machine discussing the “news”.

But as Charlie Pierce pointed out — the real art was in the “That may be. But when you look at this case, it just looks crazy.”

So she gets called out for abject bullshittery and yet she doesn’t curl up in a fetal ball of shame. NO! She blithely ignores the fact that she’s been shown to be a liar and a hack and goes on with an imperious, “That may be.”

And people say Fox News is bad.


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