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If you have ever been confused about the reasons for why radical Islamic jihadists hate us, this article from the ISIS Magazine (yes, they have one) spells it out. And in it the ISIS author laughs at those of us in the west who insist that Islam is a religion of peace (Hint: it’s not).

He gives the number one reason for why the jihadists hate us and fight us — because we’re not Muslim and because their religious holy books call on them to kill us until we convert.

People who are following the precepts of their religion as they understand them, be they Muslim, Christian, Mormon or whatever, tend to be proud of what they do that their religion commands. They like to show off their piety. Think Tim Tebow with his public and promiscuous God squadding during football games.

Jihadists are no different.

Think about this — during World War II when the Nazis were murdering 6-8 million Jews, Gays, and other untermensch they did everything they could to hide what they were doing, even from their own German citizens. A group of citizens who, I might add, were very serious Jew haters in their own right.

They hid their crimes because as much as they hated Jews, and Gays, and Gypsys, they knew that what they were doing was evil and wrong.

Compare that with today’s radical Muslim jihadists who put up fucking YouTubes of them beheading Christians, putting apostates in cages and burning them alive, and throwing gay teens off roofs to their deaths, and blowing themselves up in public marketplaces.

They dont try to hide what they’re doing.They’re proud of what they’re doing. Because this is what their religion calls on them to do. And if, in your mind, your God is giving you the thumbs up to rape and murder and blow yourself up in the middle of shopping civilians, then why would you hide what you’re doing? And why ever woold you stop just because a bunch of people whom you hate call you names, like evil terrorist?

Give this a listen. It’s only about 14 minutes long but it’s quite chilling. Because it reinforces a fear I’ve had ever since 9-11…..

And that is that these people are going to be impossible to ever completely defeat because the religion that they are practicing is, at root, a death cult that celebrates, nay, insists upon, murder and suicide in the name of their God. And because of that we’re going to be at war with them forever.


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