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Fine flip-flop fucking.


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This is a local Louisville band. They’re called The Hart Strings, and they’re gorgeous.


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A fun little three-way.


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Sleazy Euro-pr0n


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I’ve totally neglected the blog due to my both having to deal with the new puppies and getting this large real estate project off the ground here in Louisville.

There are so many moving parts to the project — design, city agencies, public hearings, securing financing, etc., etc.

Anyway, yesterday I actually had to go up in a helicopter during a snow storm to take pictures of the project site for our architects back in Seattle.

Here’s the video:

The incredibly ugly building that we come close to hitting is the awful Humana headquarters, designed by Michael Graves.

Here’s an aerial shot of the site.  It runs from the very bottom of the image up to the parking garage structure belonging to the Muhammad Ali Center.

Our plan is to build a 3 acre public plaza on the same level as the plaza at the Ali Center and on top of a 600 car multi level parking garage that will take up the entire site.  Then, using this parking structure and plaza as a plinth, we will then build a 30 to 35 story residential apartment tower on top of the plaza, along with a an office building {down toward the bottom of the image} and, possibly, a hotel or apartment annex to the residential tower next to the Ali Center.


And here’s a shot of the two seat Robinson R-22 helo that I went up in during the storm.  And yes, the side I sat on didn’t have a door — so it was as cold as a motherfucker up there over the city.


And here’s a perspective prepared by our architects — Bohlin Cywinski Jackson — showing how the residential tower on the property will relate to the rest of the downtown skyline.

Ours are the “illuminated” buildings on the far right and just underneath the galactic nebula.


And here’s a totally gratuitous puppy pic: