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{Posted in Seattle Stuff, The View From Around Here on November 19th, 2012 by Scott }

The western terminus of Interstate 90 in Seattle — at 3,101.13 miles {4990.78 kms} it’s the longest interstate highway in the United States.

It’s eastern terminus is Boston, Massachusetts.

Image shamelessly lifted from CHS Blog.  Photo by Michael Holden.


{Posted in Seattle Stuff, The View From Around Here on October 8th, 2012 by Scott }

Since mid June Seattle has had one gorgeous day in the 70s or 80s after another; cloudless skies and zero humidity followed by cool evenings and nights spent under the comforter.

On the minus side — scientists say that the Puget Sound region will be one of the few areas of the nation where the weather actually improves with global warming and thus, everyone will want to move here — which means more Californians.

Also, too; rising water levels in the Sound.

On the plus side, the city is built on really big fucking hills and I live on the shores of Lake Washington.

So there’s that.


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It’s Seafair weekend here in Seattle, and that means there will be an estimated 5,000+ pleasure craft out on Lake Washington and Lake Union today.

In addition to all the boating and water recreating, the Blue Angels will be doing their annual aerobatic show over Lake Washington — their favorite performance spot in the world — Fleet Week will be taking place in Puget Sound AND, as if that weren’t enough for one weekend, hydrofoil races on Lake Washington.

Oh, and it’s gonna be sunny and 96 degrees today so there’s gonna be a whole lotta motherfuckers who look like lobsters walking around town later today.

The parade of boats passing under the Interstate 90 floating bridge.


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I’d like to go n record right here and right now and personally thank the nation of Russia for all of the really amazing sunsets we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest this simmer.

Of course, those sunsets do come with a price.  Namely the fact that in order for Russia to provide them to us, half their country had to catch on fire and burn out of control.



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Here are some shots of our day on Lake Washington and Lake Union yesterday.

Seattle as seen from Lake Union.

And yes, for those who are wondering — the two lakes are connected to each other by a canal known as the Montlake Cut.  Or simply The Cut to local boaters.

And FYI — both the lakes, although fresh water and sitting more than 20 feet above sea level, are connected directly to the salt water of Puget Sound and the North Pacific beyond.

And if you want to know how that’s accomplished . . . . well, you can look it the fuck up yourself, because I’m way too hung over and sunburned to explain it to you.

Transiting The Cut from one lake to the other.

Roger — Yum! Yum! Yum!

At anchor off Seward Park in Gay Bay — aka Andrew’s Bay, Lake Washington.

A gaggle of faggles at Gay Bay.

More faggles at Gay Bay, Lake Washington.

More pics to follow.


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We got our HVAC units onto our roof with virtually no fuss nor muss and I’ve got some of the early shots of the lift for you here.

The UBiL was shooting video of some of the lifts — there were a total of four of them — and I assume he’ll post it on YouTube shortly and if so I’ll embed it for you.

Setting up the 100 ton crane. The building to the right of Via Tribunali is the one we were lifting the units over and on to our roof.

The first lift is done and they found that they didn’t have enough crane — so they added a 20 foot long section to the top for the next lift.

Fresh air and exhaust vents being lifted into place as a plane on its final approach to SeaTac goes by.

One of the units being lifted off the truck.  I like how you can see the reflection of the saucer section of the Space Needle in the window to the right just above the word Süperfad.

Somebody should have called Kenny Loggins because I’m clearly standing in the Danger Zone.

The last lift of the day being lowered onto our roof.


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I just measured them this morning and these two rhododendrons are almost 40 feet in combined length.