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“Someday, I’m going to put a sword through your eye and out the back of your skull.”

— Arya Stark


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“He is a Leading Intellectual Force in a party full of people who eat oatmeal with their toes.”

Charlie Pierce reacting to a statement in Tiger Beat on the Potomac that President Obama has always considered Paul Ryan to be one of the leading intellectual forces of the GOP.



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“This is the one event on which the country’s chronic historical amnesia cannot be allowed to bring itself into play. The country was lied into a war by a raft of criminals, greedheads, and geopolitical fantasts. These latter were enabled by a cowardly political opposition and a largely supine elite press. Hans Blix was right. Paul Wolfowitz was wrong. Robert Fisk was right. David Frum was wrong. The McClatchy guys were right. The late Tim Russert was wrong. Eric Shinseki was right, and Anthony Zinni was right, and Joe Wilson was right, and George Packer, Michael O’Hanlon, and Richard Perle were all wrong. George H.W. Bush was right (in 1989) and his useless son was stupid and wrong. There is no absolution available to any of the people who helped the country down into this epic political and military disaster no matter how lachrymose their apologies or how slick their arguments. 

George W. Bush should spend the rest of his days dogged by regiments of wounded veterans. Richard Cheney should be afflicted at all hours by the howls of widows and of mothers who have lost sons and daughters. Colin Powell — and his pal, MSNBC star Lawrence Wilkerson — should shut the hell up about how sorry they are and go off to a monastery somewhere to do penance for what they didn’t have the balls to try and stop. This catastrophe killed more actual people than it killed the careers of the people who planned it and cheered it on. We should all be ashamed. And we’re not.”

Charlie Pierce commenting on the ten year anniversary of the Iraq War.


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“Watching this Iraq story unfold, all I can say is this: If this were not about my own country, my own kids and my own planet, I’d pop some popcorn, pull up a chair and pay good money just to see how this drama unfolds.”

Tom “The Mustache of Understanding” Friedman, writing in the NY Times on March 2nd, 2003 about the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Never forget what these vile, immoral monsters like Friedman once said as they enabled and fluffed the invasion from their safe sinecures — and that they’ve paid absolutely no price whatsoever for their depraved complicity in the crime against humanity that was the Iraq War.

Suck on that!



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“Incomes rose more than 11 percent for the top 1 percent of earners during the economic recovery, but not at all for everybody else, according to new data.”

The New York Times  yesterday.



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“Every time Dick Cheney laughs an angel gets stabbed in the dick.”


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“If God didn’t want us to put things up our asses he would have given the rectum a gag reflex.”

Frank Gallagher {William H. Macy} on Showtime’s comedy series — Shameless.