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This reminds me of a scene I happened upon at Q in Seattle when I owned it.


I was doing a walk-through of the club at the peak of a Saturday night and I walked into the area where the men’s urinals were — when what did I find but a young (possibly underage) twink bent over and getting his ass eaten by one guy while he blew another guy with a whole bunch of guys watching.

Instead of joining in {which was my immediate impulse} I got all official club owner on them, ordered them to stop and told them they were 86’d from the club.

The twink, as he was pulling up his pants, expressed his shock and incredulity by crying out,

“You’re throwing me out?  Meeeee?  But but but  . . . . I’M THE VICTIM HERE!”

And because his plea was so outrageously brilliant I told him he could stay but his two “friends” were history.


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Its funny, I used to have a business partner who had nothing but contempt for social media — while I, on the other hand, have had a social media presence for more than ten years and respect both what it can do for a company and how it can hurt a company.

In fact, my former associate was quite proud of his contempt for it and saw social media as completely valueless, even going so far as to tell me once that there isn’t any business that he might own that would ever need to bend to the “whims” of a Facebook in particular or social media in general.


My good friend Sister Roma

This campaign to overturn Facebook’s ill-conceived policy — initiated almost solely by drag queens in both Seattle and San Francisco — brought Facebook low, exposed its hypocritical, dangerous policy and the ridiculous thinking behind it, and forced them to change it — all of it initiated via social media.

Facebook’s own social media! Which is the irony of ironies here.

And in the process Facebook garnered a shit-ton of bad press for FB’s brand — press that they had to employ heavy PR, time, and energy toward in order to push back against it.

A push-back that completely and utterly failed.



The same former business partner just had this written about his (formerly my) club in Seattle in an important social media review this week after the club had played host to the acclaimed Decibel Festival.

“When Q opened a couple of years ago, it was talked about with reverence. The venue boasted a Funktion-One soundsystem, could stay open after hours, and was headed up by people with a genuine interest in quality dance music. As such, it seemed like a natural fit for Decibel, and quickly became one of the festival’s go-to venues. Unfortunately though, the club’s promise has slowly fizzled over the years; much like the Capitol Hill neighborhood it calls home, Q appears to be struggling with gentrification, and locals repeatedly told us that new ownership had gradually shifted its attention away from the music while increasingly catering to the tastes of a monied clientele. It’s funny; for all of the complaints we’ve made about Seattle and its aesthetic/fashion tendencies over the past few years, we’d rather party with an army of people in feathered hats, patchwork pants, and ugly loafers than deal with the douchey hordes that have descended upon Q.


We stuck around until after Parasole had gone on around 6 a.m., but even as the night wore on and the douchebags gradually headed for the door, it was impossible to get around the fact the Q’s vaunted soundsystem was badly in need of tuning. Throughout the night, the music sounded terribly flat, and it was clear that the system clearly needed some TLC.


Still, we returned to Q on Saturday night for another after-hours event, this one featuring live performances from Kink and John Roberts {…} as good as Kink was, John Roberts was even better. Taking a more subtle approach, he dialed down the energy level and crafted a highly melodic, more subtly grooving brand of house and techno that was an absolute pleasure to hear, especially at that late hour. It almost made the dealing with all of the Q-related nonsense worth it. Almost.”

— Shawn Reynaldo

I’m wondering how my former business partner is feeling about social media now.


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The guy on the far right is Dan. Dan used to work for me as one of my crack security detail at Q.

In addition to being sexy as all git out and a hard core warrior — Dan is also sharp as a tack, has great politics, and a gorgeous new baby daughter.


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The offensive line of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks with my former head of security Dave Price in the Bourbon Bar at Q last year.

Dave — at 6 foot 3 and 240 pounds is the petite guy in the middle.



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Here’s the latest edition of Now Serving — what is fast becoming one of the great webcasts of the year.

In it my reputation starts to take a much deserved hit at about the 17:11 mark — and it goes downhill from there.

“NOW SERVING” EPISODE #10 HOLIDAY T’s (The Bird) by “Now Serving” Radio Show on Mixcloud


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Here’s what Michael Strangeways over at Seattle Gay Scene had to say about the news that I had sold my interest in Q yesterday.

Oh, and I kinda liked the picture of me that he chose to run. Just sayin’.



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I closed on the sale my half of Q at noon today and I’m now back to being blissfully semi-retired again, as I was more than three years ago when I began the process of developing the club.

I say “semi-retired” because I’m actually going to be working with my father and our architects (the Seattle office of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson – the firm that designed Q) in getting what is planned to be a large mixed-use/residential construction project built in Louisville on the last big piece of undeveloped downtown real estate on the Ohio riverfront that will, hopefully, have a substantial club/lounge component as a part of its commercial operations (wink wink nudge nudge).

Coming up with the idea for Q – as I did with xl in New York back in 1998/99 and as the only partner in Q with experience in business, business start-ups, and nightclub operations – and then supervising the design and construction of Q was a labor of love for me. And I’d be happy to share with you all that’s transpired that has compelled me to desire to sell my interest in the business and part ways with the club – but I’m contractually obligated not to.

I wish for Q, the physical club, all the best.

I’ll be back later with a full roster of thank yous to the people involved with Q who deserve praise for what they do and did for the club and why they made my time as co-owner of the club something really special.