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My buddy Bill Olschafskie from the Marines posted this picture on Facebook the other day.  It’s of Bill {Skie} on the left, me, and “Crow” on the right.

We were aboard the USS San Bernadino {LST-1189} off the coast of South Korea near the port of Pusan in 1982.

I was, at the time, a 22 year old corporal squad leader of a Marine infantry rifle squad {12-16 men}. Skie was my first fireteam leader {4 men} and Crow was one of our riflemen.

You can tell we had been aboard ship for a while by the long length of our hair and the wrinkled state of our cammy uniforms.

As a side note — Skie and Crow are wearing the newer “woodland” pattern cammies, while I’ve got on the older, Vietnam era jungle style.


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My stepmomz dug up some old photographs that had belonged to my grandmother.


Varsity football — Kenyon College.

This was taken after the Centre College game I believe and when I was just a 17 year old freshman. Centre is in Kentucky so Dad made the quick drive down there to see me play.


As a young 19 year old Marine Lance Corporal.

The silver medal things are shooting badges. The one on the left is a Rifle Expert badge and the one on the right is a Pistol Expert badge.

Expert is the highest weapons qualifying level a Marine can attain and during my time in the Corps I qualified expert in both weapons during every annual qualification I took.

The Marines take their marksmanship VERY seriously.  {“Every Marine a rifleman” is not just a catch phrase.} Annual rifle qual takes two weeks — one week of snapping in {practicing proper postures etc.,} and then one week of actual qualification firing.  This is for both the rifle and the pistol



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Here’s the peen.


And here’s the Marine .


I love it when military boys share their selfies.


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A great piece in the Baltimore Sun on male on male rape in the military.

We had a rape take place in my Marine rifle company while we were stationed on Okinawa. And noooooo, I was not the rapist.

However, in keeping with the U.S. Army theory that all Marines are bottoms — the rape involved the self-sodomization of one Marine upon another, unaware and sleeping Marine’s boner.


Amazingly, the self-sodomizer/rapist performed this act upon his unwitting partner (who was passed out drunk) whilst the partner slept in a top bunk in an open squad-bay where 50 other Marines slept AND a security watch was making the rounds.

Needless to say, the self-sodomizer was caught and spent the next several years in Leavenworth. His name was Henderson — whom we all called by his nickname, Hendo — and from then on any act of anal penetration referred to by anyone in my company was called “Hendoing” someone.



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Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina.


The Marine PFC holding the flag (guidon) is the platoon Honor Man — and thus the Dress Blues rather than the Green Alpha uniform of his fellow Marines.

The Honor Man is the recruit in the platoon who basically excels at everything and in addition to a set of Dress Blues, he also get meritoriously promoted from Private to Private First Class.