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OK, I posted this earlier in the week and there’s a couple reasons that this is funny.

A) Because its basically true. And;

2) Because all us Android users take a bit of perverse glee in tweaking iPhone users who — for SOOOO many years — have been quite publicly smug about their misplaced superiority for being iPhone users.

And if you really want to see why Android users — who really tend to be neither publicly smug nor, if truth be told, give much of a shit about all of this save for its snark value — enjoy this sort of tweaking the noses of iPhone users, then all you need to do is read some of the comments that this meme has elicited across social media from those very same smug iPhone users.

Because a lot of them are downright hostile!

I mean really people — its a joke. But you guys are so serious about your little product that you’ve totally lost the ability to realize that IT’S A FUCKING PRODUCT!

That you bought!

You didn’t design it!

And it’s not you!

And hopefully it doesn’t define you. Although it seems to for a lot of you.

I mean geez Louise! You’d think that by your responses to this harmless and really quite funny meme that someone had just called you an irredeemable asshole.

And we all know that that particular derogatory term is reserved for Google Glass wearers.

So chill out all you iPhone obsessives! And I’ll be seeing you as you camp out in line for your little iWatch thingy.

You’ll be able to tell who I am because I won’t be in line with you and I’ll be laughing and pointing at you as I walk by.


A happy (and not in the least bit smug — OK, maybe a little bit smug) Android user.


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Another great edition of Now Serving.

This week the boys interview Inaya Day and the great Cody Morrison of Decibel Festival.

Also, too: I put in a ghost — as opposed to guest — appearance at about the 16:35 mark and then again at about 1:38:00 when the hosts read my opinion of, and response to, the guy who got so much attention last week over his refusal to remove his Google Glass in a restaurant in Seattle.

“NOW SERVING” EPISODE #11 (Welcome to the Terror Drone) by “Now Serving” Radio Show on Mixcloud


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DJs Almond Brown and Jayson Spaceotter from Seattle serve it up in regal fashion and interview Wanz {aka Michael Wansley} from Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and talk shit about a whole lotta folks back in Seattle who I know, love, and hate.

Give it a listen because they close the show with a shout out to moi.




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I can’t get enough of Pitbull Sharkey.  LET’S GO TO THE VIDEO!


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