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I have two types of friends/acquaintances who are in recovery — the first type is the type that you can go out with and who will not only NOT have a problem with you having a cocktail in front of them, but who will actually be perfectly fine with offering to buy a round of drinks in spite of the fact that all they’re drinking is diet soda or iced tea.

The second type is the type who, when you order a cocktail in front of them, will get a thoughtful/concerned look on his or her face and ask you, “Has alcoholism run in your family?” Or, even more directly, “Would you like to go to a meeting with me?” Both of which I’ve been asked at one time or another by a person in recovery and both times the question was prompted solely by my having ordered a cocktail at a cocktail appropriate time and place.

The latter are people to whom I refer as the Misery Loves Company Crowd and who tend to believe that it is simply impossible for another human being to enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time without also being an alcoholic just like them.

Needless to say; the latter are people with whom I tend to limit my social activities. Not because I drink so much — but because I can’t stand their sense of smug superiority/feigned concern when confronted with people who like to drink but who actually don’t have a drinking problem.


{Posted in America, Deep Thought, Rants on December 14th, 2012 by Scott }

Here’s the deal — we stomped all over the GOP a month ago in the elections and handed them their collective asses because we don’t like what they’re peddling.

So no!  There’s no fucking reason to reach a compromise.

Or to be bipartisan.

Or to seek a grand fucking bargain with a group of theocratic, retrograde, know-nothing, plutocrat fellating, nihilist douchebags.

Just let the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy expire, don’t agree to raise the age for Medicare, don’t fuck with Social Security, and let the fucking car go over the “fiscal cliff” if need be.

Every man Jack of us will know who’s to blame if the shit goes bad, and guess what?

It won’t be the Dems.

And it won’t be that bad.

Losing the Bush tax cuts will be great for the country, the people have no interest in seeing the age for Medicare raised, or of any fuckery happening with Social Security — and going over the “fiscal cliff” won’t really do all that much except reduce the deficit.

Which is what all the fucking deficit scolds and Very Serious People™ want anyway, right?

I mean Jesus H. Christ on a fucking Carnival Lines cruise to the Turks and Caicos!  Its not that fucking difficult!!!

We elected you pig fuckers to do the shit we want, not what the republican arsonists who are holding this country hostage want.

So fucking do it already!


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I think that all things being equal; the main reason for the ass kicking Mitt Romney received on election day was the simple fact that Americans recognized him for the truly despicable person that he is and simply couldn’t bring themselves to vote for such a duplicitous, mendacious, craven asshole.


{Posted in America, Bigotry, Deep Thought on November 8th, 2012 by Scott }

It’s interesting that the republican national leadership was apparently unable to find a candidate to run for the United States Senate from the Commonwealth of Virginia who wasn’t an out of the closet, avowed white supremacist.



{Posted in Assholes, Deep Thought on August 6th, 2012 by Scott }

There are times when a juxtaposed image is so effective in its message that it crosses the line into transcendent truth.

People of reason and good will all know, either intellectually or viscerally, that Sarah Palin and her husband are deeply bad human beings.

But the question is — does the universe know this?

And when you see a juxtaposed image like the one above you know the answer; yes, the universe does know that these two people — and the people like them who believe the same things that they believe and who behave in a similar fashion — are profoundly bad people.

And that’s knowledge that I take some solace in having.


{Posted in America, Deep Thought, The Republican Clown Car on July 17th, 2012 by Scott }

When, in a deeply pathetic attempt at insulting us, you insist upon using the word Democrat as an adjective, it makes you sound like the uneducated boobs and hayseeds that you undoubtedly are.

That is all.


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