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This reminds me of a scene I happened upon at Q in Seattle when I owned it.


I was doing a walk-through of the club at the peak of a Saturday night and I walked into the area where the men’s urinals were — when what did I find but a young (possibly underage) twink bent over and getting his ass eaten by one guy while he blew another guy with a whole bunch of guys watching.

Instead of joining in {which was my immediate impulse} I got all official club owner on them, ordered them to stop and told them they were 86’d from the club.

The twink, as he was pulling up his pants, expressed his shock and incredulity by crying out,

“You’re throwing me out?  Meeeee?  But but but  . . . . I’M THE VICTIM HERE!”

And because his plea was so outrageously brilliant I told him he could stay but his two “friends” were history.


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The offensive line of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks with my former head of security Dave Price in the Bourbon Bar at Q last year.

Dave — at 6 foot 3 and 240 pounds is the petite guy in the middle.



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Here’s what Michael Strangeways over at Seattle Gay Scene had to say about the news that I had sold my interest in Q yesterday.

Oh, and I kinda liked the picture of me that he chose to run. Just sayin’.



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I closed on the sale my half of Q at noon today and I’m now back to being blissfully semi-retired again, as I was more than three years ago when I began the process of developing the club.

I say “semi-retired” because I’m actually going to be working with my father and our architects (the Seattle office of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson – the firm that designed Q) in getting what is planned to be a large mixed-use/residential construction project built in Louisville on the last big piece of undeveloped downtown real estate on the Ohio riverfront that will, hopefully, have a substantial club/lounge component as a part of its commercial operations (wink wink nudge nudge).

Coming up with the idea for Q – as I did with xl in New York back in 1998/99 and as the only partner in Q with experience in business, business start-ups, and nightclub operations – and then supervising the design and construction of Q was a labor of love for me. And I’d be happy to share with you all that’s transpired that has compelled me to desire to sell my interest in the business and part ways with the club – but I’m contractually obligated not to.

I wish for Q, the physical club, all the best.

I’ll be back later with a full roster of thank yous to the people involved with Q who deserve praise for what they do and did for the club and why they made my time as co-owner of the club something really special.




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This shit is fucking exhausting!

We’ve got the legendary Grammy nominated duo of DJ Abel Aguilera and Ralphi Rosario — aka Rosabel — kicking off our Pride tonight at Q,  followed by Wayne G and Mike Cruz on Saturday, and DJ Escape on Sunday.

Over the next three days we’ll have almost 5,000 people come through our doors based upon advance ticket sales.

My Creative Director and I have been pulling this weekend together for months now and we’ve just gotten off the phone with each other and have just now realized that we’re at the point where there isn’t much left for us to do — except go the club and have a couple of smart cocktails tonight.

Oh, and here’s what our Q-Pride VIP cards look like. They’re credit cards with your online info loaded onto them {so we can track your use and preferences as far as drinks, days you use the club, etc.,} and as part of the purchase price we load them up with $15 each that you can buy a drink or two with.

Cute, huh?



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Tres Gay!

And for those who don’t know who Rosabel is — its Emmy nominees DJ Abel and Ralphi Rosario. They’ll be opening Pride up for us with an 8+ hour set that they’ll spin together.


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Trenton — along with former BF Tate Ryder — are Seattleites who were regulars at Q both as customers and as go-go dancers.  So a couple of weeks ago we hosted the going away party for Trenton, who’s moving to Cali.

Here’s the video.

And for those of you readers who are aficionados of men’s fashion underwear — yes, that’s the adorable and seriously charming Andrew Christian model Jason Medina at the 1:46 mark of the video.