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{Posted in Blog Love, Blog Stuff, Blogger Ennui, SO LONG! on December 22nd, 2016 by Scott }

I’m thinking this is gonna be the end for BiE.

It’s been a 12 year long run but let’s face it, the last few years the blog hasn’t been much more than an infrequently posted to Tumblr porn blog.

Honestly, the only reason I didn’t shitcan it two or three years ago was because it made anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand bucks a month via Blog Ads. That was basically free money, so why end it as long as the cash was flowing.

But this past month Blog Ads announced their sale to some third party that intended to basically drop all the blogs that weren’t Perez Hilton or those with equally yuuuge traffic levels.

So now that the moola tap is off there’s no reason for BiE to keep going. And the fact that it happens on the 12 year anniversary of the founding of Bill in Exile on Blogger, back when it was over there, makes this seem a good time to pull the plug.

My social media attention has been more Facebook directed of late, so feel free to friend me there.  I tend to rant a lot about politics much more there than I ever did here due to the more immediate nature of Facebook.

Bill in Exile will stay up until my web host pulls the plug on it when my final payment to them runs out sometime in the coming weeks.

It’s been a great decade plus run and I thank those of you from the bottom of my heart who have stuck with it all these years.




{Posted in Blog Stuff, Friends on August 12th, 2014 by Scott }

A fascinating article from MJ on policing the police and the Public Defenders role in freeing those wrongly accused.

I had a friend in the Marine Corps when I was stationed in Spain named Kirk Bloodsworth. He was a bear of a guy and big sweetheart who before becoming a Marine had been an undertakers apprentice. He and I would frequently hang out and smoke hash with each other in my apartment overlooking the ocean and beach in Fuentebravia on our days off.

After getting out of the Marines Kirk was accused, and in 1985 convicted, of the rape and murder of a nine year old Maryland girl. He was sentenced to death — based largely upon the testimony of five eyewitnesses who placed him with the girl before the murder.

In 1993 Kirk was released from prison after becoming the first American ever to be exonerated of murder via the use of DNA evidence.

The real murderer was identified by the same DNA evidence and he confessed to having committed the murder.

Were it not for the then brand new science of DNA testing, Kirk could very well have been executed for a crime he did not commit.

And it is for this reason, as well as my belief that a civilized, democratic government has no fucking business executing its citizens, and that the police and prosecutors frequently lie and fabricate evidence, as is demonstrated in this article, that I am so passionately against the death penalty.


{Posted in Blog Stuff, Housekeeping on April 23rd, 2014 by Scott }

For some reason the blog’s spam filter has been getting overwhelmed with comment spam lately. The filter catches it all, but a lot has been coming in, as you can see from this image from the BIE management page.


Those 107 comments caught in the spam filter came in over the course of less than five minutes and right after I emptied the folder of more than 400 comments listed as spam.

Many of which look like this in the spam folder:


This happens from time to time and until it gets back to normal I’m not going to bother rooting through the blog’s spam folder looking for any legitimate comments that may have been misdirected there.

So, if you’ve posted a comment and it hasn’t appeared after a couple of days that’s because it got erroneously routed into the comment spam folder by the blog spam filter and I shitcanned it without bothering to read it to see if it were legit.

As I said, this happens from time to time and things should be back to normal soon, I hope.


{Posted in America, Assholes, Blog Stuff, Blogger Ennui on November 16th, 2013 by Scott }

In a recent post here a reader commented that he was proud of the fact that he had voted for George C Plus Augustus Bush not once, but twice.

OK, I get how a person who was maybe not paying a lot of attention and who was maybe also a conservative republican would get snookered by that whole “compassionate conservative” line of complete and utter bullshit the first time around in 2000.

Or the fact that Bush, a man who was born on third base but who was convinced that he had hit a triple to get there, sold himself as the first MBA president and would run this country like an efficient business {ignoring the fact that Shrub had pretty much bankrupted every business he ever ran}.

But by the election of 2004 it was clear to anyone with just two synapses firing in their fucking brain, and who was paying even the slightest attention, that Bush was an unmitigated disaster and didn’t deserve to be elected as county dog catcher in West Bumfuck Texas — let alone returned to office as President of the United States.

But then! Then after the horror of Katrina in 2005, the total abortion that the Iraq War had obviously become due to administration bungling and incompetence, the failure to finish off the Taliban and kill Bin Laden because Bush/Cheney ginned up a fake reason to invade Iraq and took the eye off the ball, followed by the financial crisis and the Great Recession and the fact that Bush increased the national debt from the $18 billion under Clinton in 2000 to $1.632 TRILLION by the end of his second term . . . .

Well, I just don’t know how an even slightly rational person can be proud of the fact that he voted for Bush TWICE!


I thought I had long ago rid this blog of the pestilence of idiot reader/commenters.

Apparently not.



{Posted in Blog Love, Blog Stuff, Blogger Ennui on April 13th, 2013 by Scott }

This blog just hit 60,000 comments posted to it from you guys since it went live back in . . . whatever year this blog went live in.

2004, when it was a blog on Blogger and before I migrated it to WordPress.


I’ve also posted more than 9,600 posts since that time way back when in the Dark Ages of blogging history.

Being a blogger for almost ten years is kinda like being a dog — or like being in a gay relationship — since a blog year is like 7 regular years for normal people.

Also, too; you folks sure have a lot to say!


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I haven’t had too much to say recently — and thus the proliferation of pic posts and not so much editorializing.

I’ve been working on budgeting at the club and getting some of our creative programming for upcoming events locked in and the promotional roll-out for the events put in place so I’ve not had a lot of time to focus on shit in the news that gets my panties in a twist and results in angry rants here on these pages.

Anyway, hopefully the suckier than usual blogging will come to an end shortly and I’ll have something to rant about.

In the meantime, won’t you pleas enjoy this:


Image via The Miss Thing in D.C.


{Posted in Bill, Blog Love, Blog Stuff on March 22nd, 2013 by Scott }

Well, it seems that Bill {of BIE fame} got flamed by one of his readers over at his joint. Bill’s very first flame-war and I couldn’t be prouder — given my status as Bill’s Blog Daddy/Jedi Master.


Seems the guy {Pall Mall — we assume he’s a guy} finds Bill’s blog to be too self-involved with a bit too much entitlement on display for his taste.

What the fuck?!?!  Isn’t that pretty much what a blog is? A written narrative of self-involved entitlement on display for the world to see?

Except for this one of course.  Weeeeelllll. . . . . .

Anyway, I felt compelled to chime in and add my two or three cents.  I guess the fool is a BIE reader too, so maybe he’ll come barking around my comment section here and we can have some fun at his expense.

Its been a while since a good comment section flame war erupted here.  You people have all become so well behaved.