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{Posted in Blog Love, Blog Stuff, Blogger Ennui, SO LONG! on December 22nd, 2016 by Scott }

I’m thinking this is gonna be the end for BiE.

It’s been a 12 year long run but let’s face it, the last few years the blog hasn’t been much more than an infrequently posted to Tumblr porn blog.

Honestly, the only reason I didn’t shitcan it two or three years ago was because it made anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand bucks a month via Blog Ads. That was basically free money, so why end it as long as the cash was flowing.

But this past month Blog Ads announced their sale to some third party that intended to basically drop all the blogs that weren’t Perez Hilton or those with equally yuuuge traffic levels.

So now that the moola tap is off there’s no reason for BiE to keep going. And the fact that it happens on the 12 year anniversary of the founding of Bill in Exile on Blogger, back when it was over there, makes this seem a good time to pull the plug.

My social media attention has been more Facebook directed of late, so feel free to friend me there.  I tend to rant a lot about politics much more there than I ever did here due to the more immediate nature of Facebook.

Bill in Exile will stay up until my web host pulls the plug on it when my final payment to them runs out sometime in the coming weeks.

It’s been a great decade plus run and I thank those of you from the bottom of my heart who have stuck with it all these years.




{Posted in Blog Love, Blog Stuff, Blogger Ennui on April 13th, 2013 by Scott }

This blog just hit 60,000 comments posted to it from you guys since it went live back in . . . whatever year this blog went live in.

2004, when it was a blog on Blogger and before I migrated it to WordPress.


I’ve also posted more than 9,600 posts since that time way back when in the Dark Ages of blogging history.

Being a blogger for almost ten years is kinda like being a dog — or like being in a gay relationship — since a blog year is like 7 regular years for normal people.

Also, too; you folks sure have a lot to say!


{Posted in Bill, Blog Love, Blog Stuff on March 22nd, 2013 by Scott }

Well, it seems that Bill {of BIE fame} got flamed by one of his readers over at his joint. Bill’s very first flame-war and I couldn’t be prouder — given my status as Bill’s Blog Daddy/Jedi Master.


Seems the guy {Pall Mall — we assume he’s a guy} finds Bill’s blog to be too self-involved with a bit too much entitlement on display for his taste.

What the fuck?!?!  Isn’t that pretty much what a blog is? A written narrative of self-involved entitlement on display for the world to see?

Except for this one of course.  Weeeeelllll. . . . . .

Anyway, I felt compelled to chime in and add my two or three cents.  I guess the fool is a BIE reader too, so maybe he’ll come barking around my comment section here and we can have some fun at his expense.

Its been a while since a good comment section flame war erupted here.  You people have all become so well behaved.


{Posted in Blog Love, Frank, Vocabulary on February 4th, 2013 by Scott }


pec·u·late \ˈpe-kyə-ˌlāt\

tr. & intr.v.


To embezzle {funds} or engage in embezzlement.

Example: Frank from Bourgeois Nerd has just accused me of peculating funds from the nightclub that I own.  Frank should know that one cannot steal from oneself.  Therefore, Frank is clearly a dumb-ass.


{Posted in Bill, Blog Love, Shameless Plugs on February 1st, 2013 by Scott }

Soooo BIE Bill just launched his brand new blog and you should all head on over there, give it a looksee, and say hello to Bill in his comments and tell him you’re there on Scott’s recommendation.

It’s called Until Something Better Comes Along and you can find it by clicking the link.

If I know Bill {and trust me — I KNOW Bill!} it’s going to be a blog that’s well worth following {just so long as his ADD doesn’t get the better of him and he gets distracted by Teh Shiny} and one that will provide not just laughs, but also an incredible and highly unique take on the world at large as he finds his footing in the blogosphere.

Make sure you bookmark it and visit it daily to encourage him to keep it up.

And feel free to give him unmitigated shit in his comments section — because he’s got a bit of the masochist in him and he just loves abuse.


{Posted in Blog Love, Funny Shit on August 25th, 2012 by Scott }

Both the image and the title of this post were shamelessly lifted from Driftglass — because I’m not nearly clever enough to have come up with something this fucking brilliant.


{Posted in Blog Love, Blog Stuff, Housekeeping on July 12th, 2012 by Scott }

So everything got fixed and let me tell you . . . not knowing whether the blog was going to recover actually had me more stressed out than being less than 60 days away from opening a multimillion dollar nightclub.

I’m serious!

With the club I know exactly what I’m doing and have the confidence/arrogance to know that I’m doing it right.

With the blog I was totally out of my milieu and had to put myself in the hands of others — literally strangers — and to rely upon their skills and kindness to fix what was broken.

I’d like to thank the UBiL for his herculean efforts at managing a technical collapse of biblical proportions and that by his own admission was beyond his skill set to fix.  He stuck with it until it was obvious that the problem was beyond even him and then he was honest and said to me that I needed pros to handle things.

I want to thank all the folks who emailed and volunteered their services and support:




bill. s






AKA William






Hal L.

Your heartfelt offers were most appreciated and I’m sorry I couldn’t have had all of you working to save the site.  But the knoweledge that you were out there and thinking about the blog and wanted to help made a stressful situation much MUCH less so.

And to those of you who expressed your support and desire that I keep the blog going I’d like to say thanks.  Your sentiments were really what got me off my self-pitying butt and got me focused on keeping Bill in Exile alive.

So thank you all for that!

Last but not least there’s Eli.

What can I say Eli? But thank you!

Eli rode in  to the rescue from the Windy City and brought with him Barry — quite literally the very top guy at WordPress, the platform that this blog runs on.

Barry found that the site had been hacked and was running on an inefficient server and put things right most ricky fucking tick.

Without Eli and Barry it is no exaggeration to say that this blog would have gone dark permanently.

The Internet is a strange and truly wonderful thing at times.

So again, to all of you who support this blog and who offered your help, thank you.

And now let’s get back to some serious fucking blogging, shall we?

Because I’ve got some shit I want to get off my chest about Mitt Romney, the banksters, LIBOR, Rush Fucking Limbaugh, fracking, the GOP in general and un-American conservatives across the land who are nothing more than treasonous scumbags in particular.

Also, too; PORN.

Lots and lots of porn.