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“Watching this Iraq story unfold, all I can say is this: If this were not about my own country, my own kids and my own planet, I’d pop some popcorn, pull up a chair and pay good money just to see how this drama unfolds.”

Tom “The Mustache of Understanding” Friedman, writing in the NY Times on March 2nd, 2003 about the run-up to the invasion of Iraq.

Never forget what these vile, immoral monsters like Friedman once said as they enabled and fluffed the invasion from their safe sinecures — and that they’ve paid absolutely no price whatsoever for their depraved complicity in the crime against humanity that was the Iraq War.

Suck on that!



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Here’s an incredible exchange that took place on Fox’s The Five between Fox News contributor Bob Beckel and Fox ambush specialist Jesse Watters.

Watters takes exception to the characterization of what happened to the Native American people of this continent as “extermination.”

Revel in the stoopid of Mr. Watters, if you will.

BECKEL: That’s right, this is way out of their area of expertise, but I will say this again, the English, the Europeans came over and threw the Indians off their land, exterminated them, threw them into reservations…

WATTERS: Exterminated!! (crosstalk) So let me get this straight Bob. America’s Founding Fathers, they came over here, colonized America and made it the great land that we are today. You’re saying they exterminated a whole race of people?

BECKEL: I see you must have been educated in Chicago…

WATTERS: You don’t really believe that, do you?

BECKEL: … because the Founding Fathers came here a hundred years after the Pilgrims came here.

WATTERS: The colonists, Bob and all the principles that came over on the Mayflower… freedom…

BECKEL: What do you think they did with the Indians? What do you think they did with them?

WATTERS: What do you think they did with who?

BECKEL: Those Indians that occupied that land.

WATTERS: They ate corn and they had Thanksgiving.

BECKEL: Oh, I see. They all did that. I guess they had turkey, a little stuffing…

WATTERS: And they dressed (inaudible) and they wrapped themselves around blankets. Yeah. And they sang kumbaya.

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I think that for anyone with an education beyond the third grade it is pretty well established fact that the European immigrants who came over in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries made a pretty good job of intentionally exterminating as many Native Americans as possible.

Followed up of course by the United States Cavalry and their largely successful attempt at finishing the job off during the 19th century.

As the title of the post says — “It is known.”


The Massacre at Wounded Knee — December 29th, 1890. 

The Oglala Lakota Sioux were attempting to turn in their rifles to the U.S. Army after willingly agreeing to disarm when the army opened fire on them, killing 300 men, women and children.


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“Every time Dick Cheney laughs an angel gets stabbed in the dick.”


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“For he IS the Kwisatz Haderach!”



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When I first saw this picture of a model modelling some rags I thought — “Holy shit! That’s Robert Strauman.” Who was a guy I dated for several months back in 1984 and before I discovered that he was a pathological liar and a thief among his other lovely character traits.

He was a foppish dandy, a fancy dresser and, if truth be told, a tad nellie — but he had a prodigious peen and was a surprisingly ferocious top.

I think a BIE reader who knew of him told me he may have died several years back — which probably means he tried to pull a grift on the wrong someone and they sent him swimming with the fishes.

I mention him in this post from 2008 here.


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“Our intelligence officials estimate that Saddam Hussein had the materials to produce as much as 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agent. In such quantities, these chemical agents could also kill untold thousands. He’s not accounted for these materials. He has given no evidence that he has destroyed them. U.S. intelligence indicates that Saddam Hussein had upwards of 30,000 munitions capable of delivering chemical agents. Inspectors recently turned up 16 of them — despite Iraq’s recent declaration denying their existence. Saddam Hussein has not accounted for the remaining 29,984 of these prohibited munitions. He’s given no evidence that he has destroyed them. From three Iraqi defectors we know that Iraq, in the late 1990s, had several mobile biological weapons labs. These are designed to produce germ warfare agents, and can be moved from place to a place to evade inspectors. Saddam Hussein has not disclosed these facilities. He’s given no evidence that he has destroyed them. The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed in the 1990s that Saddam Hussein had an advanced nuclear weapons development program, had a design for a nuclear weapon and was working on five different methods of enriching uranium for a bomb. The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

George W. Bush — Ten years ago yesterday.


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“. . . In all the media excitement over {Andrew} Sullivan’s decision to rely on the much-maligned subscription model for his revenues (“bold experiment!“… “A thrill!“… “a flag of hope for every writer!“… “a dramatic stand!“…) no one raised the most obvious question of all: Why would subscribers pay to support one of the most colossal serial-failures in American journalism of the past two decades?”

The Face of New Journalism

If you’re still a Sully fan — even after all the contempt I’ve heaped on the hypocritical barebacker here — then follow the link for the quote and read the entire piece.  It’s a veritable horror show of Sully’s greatest hits.

But hey, he’s Andrew Sullivan, and he’s still an asshole. So what did you expect?