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From the BIE Comment Section:

“Boy I sure pissed you off didn’t I?

Water is not in the Bill of Rights, nice try twisting the constitution to serve your purpose. I say Democrat just to piss people like you off, it’s truthful too, there’s nothing “democratic” about that party, it imposes.

So many things I could and should say about your juvenile hit piece on me, but I’ll save that for my site. I don’t think you’d publish what I have to say.

By the way, Detroit sits on a lake and a river, plenty of free water for all!

Have a nice day….”

This was in response to this post about this ridiculous blog post from some half-witted, right wing man/child.

I particularly like the part where Chipper admits that he acts like an 11 year old twerp — as I said in my earlier post — just to piss Democrats off.  That’s sort of a double helping of not being self-aware enough to realize what a clownish douchebag you are.

But the best part is where he erroneously — and with obviously quite poor reading comprehension — takes this paragraph from my post and gets the subject of the paragraph all confused and bumfuzzled in his poor little head with something else entirely — something that didn’t come along until some 12 years later in 1788:

ME:  ”I guess he failed to read the part of the Declaration of Independence that goes — ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”’

That’s from the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, CHIPPEROOO!  I didn’t make any reference, twisty or otherwise, to the Bill of Rights.

But hey, whaddya expect from a guy who thinks that if you want free water you can just drink it right out of the Detroit River?

I mean we can’t expect someone who, like most conservatives, clearly doesn’t know fuckall about our founding documents to know shit from shinola. Can we?

Also, too: the “Have a nice day . . . . ”  HAHAHA! Really?!?!?!



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“You can certainly tell this story was written by a liberal. Water is not a right, human or otherwise. It is a need, but not a right.”

— Chip Drewry commenting in his blog on an article that said that the City of Detroit was planning on shutting off the water to tens of thousands of delinquent customers.

First of all; one sure-fire way to tell that Mr. Drewry is an irredeemable asshole is by his use of the word “Democrat” in lieu of the party’s real name — the Democratic Party.

Whenever a person starts off by calling it the “Democrat Party” you know you’re in the presence of a childish twerp with the maturity level of an 11 year old. But if you needed evidence of Mr. Drewry’s basic lack of . . . . well . . . . humanity — you just need to read his actual words on the subject of the article.

“Water is not a right, it is a need, period.”

I guess he failed to read the part of the Declaration of Independence that goes — “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Last time I checked, water was actually one of those things that were necessary for sustaining human life.

I think if Detroit wants to cut off thousands of people’s water then the folks who get their water shut off should get together each day and dump their morning shit-buckets on the steps of city hall.

And then they should dump their evening shit-buckets in front of Shit Drewry’s house.


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In a recent post here a reader commented that he was proud of the fact that he had voted for George C Plus Augustus Bush not once, but twice.

OK, I get how a person who was maybe not paying a lot of attention and who was maybe also a conservative republican would get snookered by that whole “compassionate conservative” line of complete and utter bullshit the first time around in 2000.

Or the fact that Bush, a man who was born on third base but who was convinced that he had hit a triple to get there, sold himself as the first MBA president and would run this country like an efficient business {ignoring the fact that Shrub had pretty much bankrupted every business he ever ran}.

But by the election of 2004 it was clear to anyone with just two synapses firing in their fucking brain, and who was paying even the slightest attention, that Bush was an unmitigated disaster and didn’t deserve to be elected as county dog catcher in West Bumfuck Texas — let alone returned to office as President of the United States.

But then! Then after the horror of Katrina in 2005, the total abortion that the Iraq War had obviously become due to administration bungling and incompetence, the failure to finish off the Taliban and kill Bin Laden because Bush/Cheney ginned up a fake reason to invade Iraq and took the eye off the ball, followed by the financial crisis and the Great Recession and the fact that Bush increased the national debt from the $18 billion under Clinton in 2000 to $1.632 TRILLION by the end of his second term . . . .

Well, I just don’t know how an even slightly rational person can be proud of the fact that he voted for Bush TWICE!


I thought I had long ago rid this blog of the pestilence of idiot reader/commenters.

Apparently not.



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I took this in the parking lot of a local hunting and fishing supply store.


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Some fucknozzle with WAY too much free time on his hands decided to take me to task in the comments today {don’t bother looking for it — I deleted it since it was really lame} for not updating my personal info here in the BIE About section.

He was annoyed that it still says I live in Seattle.



This is the kind of shit that bothers people?

That a porn blogger doesn’t update his personal info in the About section of his blog in a timely enough fashion?

OK, so here’s my update — Get a fucking life already you twat.


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Ya gotta love Time Warner Cable. And when I say “love” what I really mean is hate.

Their online user interface is totally user unfriendly and basically useless. Even though you’re securely signed in to your account you can’t simply click an icon and add premium services (except HBO!) without going through their chat service — for which you have to wait and wait until an “analyst” is free to chat.

Then, when you tell the “analyst” that you want to add Showtime and Starz to BOTH your tee vee machines you need to give him the serial numbers of both your cable boxes (something that he should already have since they’re in your account profile) and then, after being thanked repeatedly for your patience he still doesn’t get you subscribed properly.

So now, instead of Showtime and Starz being added to BOTH my tee vee machines I’ve got Starz on just one and no Showtime on either.

This is but one of many reasons why people hate TWC as much as they hate Al-Qaeda and the U.S. Congress.


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Soooooo I’ve recently been in the throes of selling shit on Craigslist, as I may have mentioned, and its really quite addictive.

However, one tends to meet some very interesting people via this medium and some of them are just plain fucking weird.

009 (2)

I posted an advert to sell some vintage stereo gear that I have — stuff that I quite literally have not had hooked up in probably 8 years or more and which I indicated in my advert — and I had a somewhat lengthy exchange this morning with a prospective buyer interested in the stuff and for which I was asking $350.00.

Him: Does the equipment work?

Me: It did 8 or 9 years ago when I last had it hooked up.

Him: But does it work?

Me:  See my last email.

Him:  Can you hook it up for me so I can see if it works?

Me:  Look, the speakers alone are worth more than twice what I’m asking for everything and I know they work — so you’re getting the other stuff basically for free and for me to hook it up for you to take a test drive on it is more trouble for me than its worth.

Him:  OK, cool.  Will you take $25 for everything.

Me: $25 or $250?

Him: $25

Me: Sure thing. That sounds reasonable. Lemme give you my address so you can come pick it up — It’s 301 Fuck You Lane.

Him: Is that in Seattle or on the Eastside?