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My buddy Bill Olschafskie from the Marines posted this picture on Facebook the other day.  It’s of Bill {Skie} on the left, me, and “Crow” on the right.

We were aboard the USS San Bernadino {LST-1189} off the coast of South Korea near the port of Pusan in 1982.

I was, at the time, a 22 year old corporal squad leader of a Marine infantry rifle squad {12-16 men}. Skie was my first fireteam leader {4 men} and Crow was one of our riflemen.

You can tell we had been aboard ship for a while by the long length of our hair and the wrinkled state of our cammy uniforms.

As a side note — Skie and Crow are wearing the newer “woodland” pattern cammies, while I’ve got on the older, Vietnam era jungle style.


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The temperature here is 2 degrees with a windchill of negative 15 to 20.

So the pooches and I have been sheltering inside, watching tee vee, napping, drinking bourbon {me}, pooping up a storm {them} and pretty much playing it ultra low-key. . . . since I have no intention of stepping outside and freezing my ass off.


 I think I’ll post a nice hot fuck scene to warm myself up a bit.

RFC – Jessy Karson & joey Rodriguez brought to you by PornHub


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A great piece in the Baltimore Sun on male on male rape in the military.

We had a rape take place in my Marine rifle company while we were stationed on Okinawa. And noooooo, I was not the rapist.

However, in keeping with the U.S. Army theory that all Marines are bottoms — the rape involved the self-sodomization of one Marine upon another, unaware and sleeping Marine’s boner.


Amazingly, the self-sodomizer/rapist performed this act upon his unwitting partner (who was passed out drunk) whilst the partner slept in a top bunk in an open squad-bay where 50 other Marines slept AND a security watch was making the rounds.

Needless to say, the self-sodomizer was caught and spent the next several years in Leavenworth. His name was Henderson — whom we all called by his nickname, Hendo — and from then on any act of anal penetration referred to by anyone in my company was called “Hendoing” someone.



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In a recent post here a reader commented that he was proud of the fact that he had voted for George C Plus Augustus Bush not once, but twice.

OK, I get how a person who was maybe not paying a lot of attention and who was maybe also a conservative republican would get snookered by that whole “compassionate conservative” line of complete and utter bullshit the first time around in 2000.

Or the fact that Bush, a man who was born on third base but who was convinced that he had hit a triple to get there, sold himself as the first MBA president and would run this country like an efficient business {ignoring the fact that Shrub had pretty much bankrupted every business he ever ran}.

But by the election of 2004 it was clear to anyone with just two synapses firing in their fucking brain, and who was paying even the slightest attention, that Bush was an unmitigated disaster and didn’t deserve to be elected as county dog catcher in West Bumfuck Texas — let alone returned to office as President of the United States.

But then! Then after the horror of Katrina in 2005, the total abortion that the Iraq War had obviously become due to administration bungling and incompetence, the failure to finish off the Taliban and kill Bin Laden because Bush/Cheney ginned up a fake reason to invade Iraq and took the eye off the ball, followed by the financial crisis and the Great Recession and the fact that Bush increased the national debt from the $18 billion under Clinton in 2000 to $1.632 TRILLION by the end of his second term . . . .

Well, I just don’t know how an even slightly rational person can be proud of the fact that he voted for Bush TWICE!


I thought I had long ago rid this blog of the pestilence of idiot reader/commenters.

Apparently not.



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I took this in the parking lot of a local hunting and fishing supply store.


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So Louisiana and Texas have decided that their respective National Guards won’t process benefits for same sex couples who are serving Guard members or same sex spouses of same.

Well, as a smarter man than I observed — someone needs to explain to these fucking lizard-brained, mouth-breathing governors just exactly what the Supremacy Clause means. And, “If you’re the local National Guard warlord, those offices don’t allow you to declare your office to be the Independent Republic Of Whatever The Fuck I Like.”

If I were Obama I get on the phone to Governor Goodhair of Texas and Governor Bobby “Jesus Rode a Dinosaur” Jindal and tell them both that if they don’t comply with the law, that I’d federalize both their National Guards and deploy them immediately to Afghanistan.

Because hell! It ain’t like Obama needs to get reelected or that he’d get any votes from these two cretin-filled states if he did need to get reelected..