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I’m thinking this is gonna be the end for BiE.

It’s been a 12 year long run but let’s face it, the last few years the blog hasn’t been much more than an infrequently posted to Tumblr porn blog.

Honestly, the only reason I didn’t shitcan it two or three years ago was because it made anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand bucks a month via Blog Ads. That was basically free money, so why end it as long as the cash was flowing.

But this past month Blog Ads announced their sale to some third party that intended to basically drop all the blogs that weren’t Perez Hilton or those with equally yuuuge traffic levels.

So now that the moola tap is off there’s no reason for BiE to keep going. And the fact that it happens on the 12 year anniversary of the founding of Bill in Exile on Blogger, back when it was over there, makes this seem a good time to pull the plug.

My social media attention has been more Facebook directed of late, so feel free to friend me there.  I tend to rant a lot about politics much more there than I ever did here due to the more immediate nature of Facebook.

Bill in Exile will stay up until my web host pulls the plug on it when my final payment to them runs out sometime in the coming weeks.

It’s been a great decade plus run and I thank those of you from the bottom of my heart who have stuck with it all these years.




  1. Patrick Says:

    Damn nothing good lasts ! It has been a great run ! Good luck and take care , see you on Facebook.

  2. Martin Says:

    Scott, I hadn’t realized you were more active on FB. I’ve missed those rants! BIE was quite a ride and I’ve really enjoyed it especially your “opinions” vociferously expressed. Take care, Martin

  3. Damien Says:

    Thank you for the blog. One of my daily must visits.


  4. Wil in SAN Says:

    What I am going to have get on FB?
    I suppose your political pov is worth my privacy ;)

  5. Steve Gollis Says:

    Scott, thanks for all the fun and comments over the past 12 years. Good luck. Don’t do FB or any of those, so I will truly miss you.

  6. Steve Gollis Says:

    Thanks for all the comments and pics over the years. I don’t do FB or any of that stuff, so I will really miss you. Good luck with everything.

  7. Dwight Williamson Says:

    Thanks for all the memories and a definite different viewpoint. I will miss you from the old days with Steven Scarborough et al , remember all your goodness to Bill . But most of all like every other gay man you won my heart ❤️ with your service to our country and your love for Moby and Ridley and the unknown brother in law. The health crises aside please be well and happy. Dwight Williamson, Orlando Florida

  8. DJ Says:

    Scott. Damn!

    I just checked my bookmarks and see that I’ve been with you since February of 2007. Whenever I sit down at my computer BiE is the first thing I click to, still! Yes, the blog has been in a diminished state of activity for a while now. When you moved to Louisville I was hoping to hear of your renewed exploits as a pass-around party bottom with your re-entrance into the local milieu. I am going to miss the extraordinary cast of characters and activities from your Seattle days postings that we got to know and love. And how’s your Dad? What ever happened to Bill himself? That scoundrel. His blog faded away.

    Never got to meet you. Made a few comments over the years. This is the part where I should beg you to reconsider – but I won’t. It’s been a good run and I so very much appreciate your sharings, your insights, your courage and brashness. Thank you! A true gentleman that has enriched my life and musings. Bright blessings …

  9. Dutchguy Says:

    I’m sorry that BIE is ending. It has been fun. Thank you for a lot of reading and viewing pleasure over the years!

  10. Brandon Says:

    I’m going to miss this page. The porn was cool but the political rants is what really brought me in.

  11. Dan Says:

    Thanks Scott! BIE was a favorite of mine. xoxo

  12. jamie Says:

    just wanted to say mate, I have followed you for MANY years and always enjoyed your writing and pictures. Thx you for sharing your dogs antics, your time in Seattle, the parties, the friends and so many other moments to many to recall. May you continue to fight the fight for many years to come, I am in Australia and seeing the election in the U.S and reading your take on politics in the past always gave me another insight. Often a great chuckle as often you had a way of explaining the situation that just took another turn.
    I hope to catch you sometime on FB. Thank you… all the best and all the best for 2017.

  13. Dazzer Says:

    Ever since the captcha thing was required to comment here, I’ve not been able to say much.

    But BIE has been an oasis of sanity for many years now.

    And while I’ve loved the pr0n and the surreal asides, it’s been the rants that have kept me coming back time and time again. Obviously, the passion and the wit are clear to everyone – but what has always stood out for me is the quality of the writing in terms of technique.

    Each sentence you write is judged beautifully for content and rhythm. Even the excesses are spare and gorgeously created. Thankfully, you’ve never adopted the Mies van der Ruhe ideal of ‘less is more’. When you’ve decided’more is more’, your taste as a writer has been exquisite.

    Scott, I know you’ve only ever played with the idea of writing a book of essays – but some time you should do it. Hell, I’ll even do the press PR for free if you publish it in the UK.

    I won’t be following you on Facebook.

    Back in the day when Zuckerberg was merely a multi millionaire, I met him and some of his acolytes in a London hotel (they were sitting at the next table in the bar). Seeing that he was insecure and using his acolytes like Tammy Fay Bakker used a gospel choir, I (in proper British pompous, patronising style) engaged them in conversation.

    Also, I wanted some late-night drinking and as I wasn’t staying at the hotel, it seemed a good way of working round the UK’s licencing laws (wherein last drinks were served at 11pm).

    He and I talked about anthropology (about which he knew preciously less than he thought) and then he went back to establishing his tentative alpha-male hold on his acolytes. I spent two hours (drinking on his dime) while proving my worth by sharing insider gossip about the Royal family, politicians (Thatcher was still alive) and various ‘celebrities’.

    The most interesting thing, though, was when I went for a pee and some of his acolytes were talking about him.

    They were – in turn – awed by his ideas, but criticising his lack of self-knowledge and empathy. They didn’t know why they were in London – other than to provide him with a secure bubble – they had a vague concept of what Zuckerburg thought he would achieve, but it wasn’t any more entrenched than Moonies praising their leader.

    I don’t trust ‘Dear Leaders’. Rupert Murdoch robbed me of a friend when he (my friend) was sucked into the cult of Murdoch.

    Also, I wasn’t impressed by Zuckerberg. For all his talk of tribes and interconnectivity, he was basically using his own inadequacies and trying to change the ground rules through which he could increase his own social power.

    I didn’t trust him.

    He’s made himself magnificently rich since those days – and I applaud him for it. Make no mistake about it, he’s a far more innovative man than me. He’s made his money his way, and he deserves every cent.

    But I didn’t trust him then and I don’t trust him now.

    The man’s essential frame of reference is based on whatever emanates from his own core. It’s made him a fortune – and more power to him for that – but he’s like a Calvinist who believes he’s beloved of God because he has billions.

    Even though I freeloaded off Zuckerberg years ago, I still don’t want to give him any money now. It’s mean-spirited of me, but I didn’t trust him then and I don’t trust him now.

    That’s the long-winded version of why I don’t do Facebook.

    So I’m going to miss your voice and intense intelligence Mr Smith.

    It’s a fond adieu from me.

    You’ve made other people’slives better.


    P.S. Also, write the fucking book, you massive pansy!
    Oh, and semper fi, and all good things to you.

  14. Jon Says:

    Your will be sorely missed – great posts, great opinions and great humour

  15. DrewBe Says:

    No Dude! I really like your taste in Porn. I live for your posts and my life will never be the same. Take Care and GodSpeed!!!

  16. Mike Dedmon Says:

    I’ve been following for almost all of those years and have really enjoyed it. I’m already following you on facebook too, so I’ll continue to follow you there too. But, i’ll miss this.

  17. Mike Dedmon Says:

    I’ve been following and reading this blog, almost from the beginning. I also follow you on facebook, but I liked the less restrictive content that is on here. I do miss more of your longer story / rant content that you used to have. I will miss this blog.

  18. johnvbc Says:

    Thanks for the years of great content! I will miss your posts and I am sure a vast number of people will miss them as well. Sorry to hear about blog ads, I wonder how much content I follow will dry up. Take good care of yourself and the pups.

  19. Alan Hegler Says:


    Merci, Danke, Gracie, Thank You for what you have done here and elsewhere

  20. Alan Hegler Says:


    Merci, Danke, Gracie Thanks for your perspective and experience, rants &c.

  21. Victor Says:

    Sorry to see you go. Will miss your posts.

  22. Victor Says:

    Sorry to see you go. Thanks for the memories.

  23. ben Says:

    Thank you, have a merry christmas and a happier new year. Stay safe and live a long life!

  24. Miles Says:

    A fond farewell Scott. Thanks for your articulate and irreverent take on the early 21st century. I’ve enjoyed your blog and will miss it. Seattle awaits your return.

  25. kenn5150 Says:

    I believe I came to BIE from ‘The Great Cock Hunt’.

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, the words or sarcasm, the words of a great thinker but mostly, thank you for the pictures of all your “future ex-husbands,’ (a phrase I have shamelessly borrowed from you.)

    Peace, happiness, love and success.

  26. Brian Says:

    So sorry to see you go. BIE has been a go-to for me. You even spurred my taste in bourbon and classic cars. You’ve expressed a lusty take on life, and I often wished I could thabk you in person… the hard way.

  27. PDQ Says:


    I too will miss your irreverent wit, your rants and of course the pron (especially of Ollie – he’s a cutie!).

    I wasn’t one of your first followers, but I did at one point go back to post #1 and read everything you’d written so I’d have a better understanding of who everyone was and your history with them.

    It was a great ride. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  28. Wayne in Kentucky Says:

    So sorry to see you leave. I’ll follow on FB.

  29. Ken The Canuck Says:

    Scott, loved your blog, will miss your blog. I wish you all the best man. Take care.

  30. Bob Says:

    Thanks for all of it Scott. We’ll miss you.

  31. Mark Says:

    hate to see this end but it is probably a good time.

    I figure the next 4 years the rant factor would be way up and there may not be enough time for porn.

  32. Will Says:

    There’s ALWAYS time for porn.

  33. JG Says:

    I must admit, Scott; your personal histories were quite fascinating but more so because it demonstrated just how you were “present” in the cultural and historical trajectory of the US and the LGBT community at large. It provided an insight I don’t think I could garner anywhere else being not of America.

    You carve an existence by not passively accepting the social and environmental prescriptions, but rather, by understanding them and using them ultimately to rise above them. It was as if though you always knew they were fleeting, that whatever was considered a societal truism at the time was eventually going to be changed or discarded in the future. It is one thing to defy convention; it is another to defy it by using its own elements against it. The best of all is that you celebrated that, knowing that any attempts to criticize you via the tyranny of conventional propriety were weak and impotent.

    It takes a person of incredible steadfastness to maintain such an endeavor. Not everyone can stake their space and tell others “Fuck off, I am here, and I am more than capable than you at your own game. I am not going anywhere, so get used it.” I sincerely hope that someone recognizes this and perhaps even asks you for some mentorship or guidance. At least it will confirm that you continuously have something invaluable to offer, even if it doesn’t feel it is worth it to do so from time to time.

    Thank you again for sharing your world with us.

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