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One Response to “WE USED TO SHOOT NAZIS”

  1. Blue Says:

    The idea that the alt right white power elements racist islamophobic crap is what voters went for in voting for Trump the 2016 election is to a great degree false. The voters who want something done to get their manufacturing jobs back as in Ohio and Michigan voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012 and for that same reason voted for Trump. Relative to the bullying that attracted some to Trump, well there is really only one way to handle bullys. You face them down. And for that there ought to be an effort to organize community to community across this country. To be sure you have to be prepared to take it on the chin. But frankly we who are for equality and fairness to all human beings no matter who you are, we have the numbers. Hilary at this point has 1.7 million more popular votes than this spoiled brat harpy who is scheduled to occupy the White House. From civil disobedience ideas to out right in your face FUUUUUCK YOU!!!! remind these shallow brained narrow bigoted a-holes their day in the sun is over and frankly has been for decades. Peace out.
    P. S. ever since this debacle happened I’ve been masturbating to make myself feel better. Guys, I’m not as young as I used to be and Mr. Willy is getting a bit exhausted. So how about some assistance? Something like a national masturbate against Trump agenda, for the next four years. Masturbate against Trump! Masturbate against Trump! Masturbate against Trump! But then on second thought why waste an orgasm on something like that, eh? Perhaps I should go celibate. Naaaaaaaahh!

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