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A fascinating article from MJ on policing the police and the Public Defenders role in freeing those wrongly accused.

I had a friend in the Marine Corps when I was stationed in Spain named Kirk Bloodsworth. He was a bear of a guy and big sweetheart who before becoming a Marine had been an undertakers apprentice. He and I would frequently hang out and smoke hash with each other in my apartment overlooking the ocean and beach in Fuentebravia on our days off.

After getting out of the Marines Kirk was accused, and in 1985 convicted, of the rape and murder of a nine year old Maryland girl. He was sentenced to death — based largely upon the testimony of five eyewitnesses who placed him with the girl before the murder.

In 1993 Kirk was released from prison after becoming the first American ever to be exonerated of murder via the use of DNA evidence.

The real murderer was identified by the same DNA evidence and he confessed to having committed the murder.

Were it not for the then brand new science of DNA testing, Kirk could very well have been executed for a crime he did not commit.

And it is for this reason, as well as my belief that a civilized, democratic government has no fucking business executing its citizens, and that the police and prosecutors frequently lie and fabricate evidence, as is demonstrated in this article, that I am so passionately against the death penalty.


  1. Will Says:

    Amen, and the false conviction syndrome falls especially hard on minority communities.

  2. Ulf Says:


  3. Rob in LA Says:

    Agree! Plus it’s so enormously expensive and it does nothing to deter actual murderers.

  4. Damien Says:

    This is a bloody good piece of writing. And a bloody good piece of argumentative reasoning.

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