Hey little sister who's your Superman?







2 Responses to “PHRASING!”

  1. I wont grow up Says:

    First time I saw this twink I said. “That boy is as gay as an Easter bonnet”.

  2. dazzer Says:

    I’m just commenting on a variety of things here because I don’t have the ‘turn on the (FUCKING) pitcha to comment’ message .

    I’ve not been able to comment here for many many, many months because of that 0 and it’s not been a browser problem. I know it’s not a Scott-caused problem, either. But I hate the fucking internet sometimes.

    Anyway, Mr S Smith, I AM looking at you with a dirty frown right now. There’s this meme going round the gay internets that Daley is an attention whore.

    If you actually look at Daley’s cybernetic presence, he’s done remarkably little in terms of encouraging this meme. Straight and gay news sources – print and digital – have gone nuts trying to make a story happen.

    I was one of the volunteers at the 2012 Olympics and although I wasn’t one of the people who dealt with Daley, I spoke to enough who did who said he was one of the greats in terms of dealing with the press and public.

    Long argument short, go easy on Daley. He’s not a bad kid and he’s actually done a lot of good with his generation n a way you and I wouldn’t believe when we were his age.

    Other stuff.

    While I can still comment, I’m going to say get over yourself kiddo about finishing this blog simply because it’s 10-years-old. When did you ever finish any artistic, designer, arcitectural or emotional relationship simply because it was ten years; old?

    It’s a stupid, anniversiaral number

    If you want to stop writing, stop writing, Anniversaries are pathetic as a reason. to stop existing. I’d actually like to read your rant about this.

    Oh, and while we’re at it, I have a rescue dog because of you Smith. For 22 years I had cats, Scott. And then – in no small part because of you, Scott – I took on a rescue dog. She’s 10 years old, she had an absolutely vile life for the previous 8 years of her life and now she loves me and I love her.AC

    The things you do Scott have an impact. My dog is alive because of you. You have to understand this, if I hadn’t read your blog I’d never understood about rescue dogs and my dear, sweet Daisy wouldn’t be mine,

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