Hey little sister who's your Superman?


My stepmomz dug up some old photographs that had belonged to my grandmother.


Varsity football — Kenyon College.

This was taken after the Centre College game I believe and when I was just a 17 year old freshman. Centre is in Kentucky so Dad made the quick drive down there to see me play.


As a young 19 year old Marine Lance Corporal.

The silver medal things are shooting badges. The one on the left is a Rifle Expert badge and the one on the right is a Pistol Expert badge.

Expert is the highest weapons qualifying level a Marine can attain and during my time in the Corps I qualified expert in both weapons during every annual qualification I took.

The Marines take their marksmanship VERY seriously. ¬†{“Every Marine a rifleman” is not just a catch phrase.} Annual rifle qual takes two weeks — one week of snapping in {practicing proper postures etc.,} and then one week of actual qualification firing. ¬†This is for both the rifle and the pistol



  1. Manny Says:

    Thank you for your service, Scott.

  2. Todd in DC Says:

    As a general rule, are pistols meant for closer range attacks, or are they meant for urban environment attacks where there may be innocents within range?

  3. Ken The Canuck Says:

    Scott, what a fine looking Marine. I’m a sucker for a guy in uniform. If I’d met you back then you could have had your way with me and then some. Will you marry me?

  4. Scott Says:

    Since pistols really don’t have an effective range beyond 25 yards, they’re mostly meant for close-in self defense.

  5. Ryan Says:

    Such a handsome guy! That innocent little face of yours kills me every time!

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