Hey little sister who's your Superman?


The temperature here is 2 degrees with a windchill of negative 15 to 20.

So the pooches and I have been sheltering inside, watching tee vee, napping, drinking bourbon {me}, pooping up a storm {them} and pretty much playing it ultra low-key. . . . since I have no intention of stepping outside and freezing my ass off.


 I think I’ll post a nice hot fuck scene to warm myself up a bit.

RFC – Jessy Karson & joey Rodriguez brought to you by PornHub

2 Responses to “SHELTERING IN PLACE”

  1. Ken Monteith Says:

    Hey, your image shows the wind at 0 mph…can’t have wind chill without wind! But any reason for the heat is good, no?

  2. Max Headroom Says:

    Hi Scott–hope you’re warm and cuddling with the pups!

    We haven’t enjoyed a proper rant from you lately so allow me to tempt you with the following:http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/16/fashion/Facebook-gay-congressman-Itay-Hod.html?_r=3

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