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A great piece in the Baltimore Sun on male on male rape in the military.

We had a rape take place in my Marine rifle company while we were stationed on Okinawa. And noooooo, I was not the rapist.

However, in keeping with the U.S. Army theory that all Marines are bottoms — the rape involved the self-sodomization of one Marine upon another, unaware and sleeping Marine’s boner.


Amazingly, the self-sodomizer/rapist performed this act upon his unwitting partner (who was passed out drunk) whilst the partner slept in a top bunk in an open squad-bay where 50 other Marines slept AND a security watch was making the rounds.

Needless to say, the self-sodomizer was caught and spent the next several years in Leavenworth. His name was Henderson — whom we all called by his nickname, Hendo — and from then on any act of anal penetration referred to by anyone in my company was called “Hendoing” someone.



  1. Will Says:

    Bizarre! That must have involved quite a bit of maneuvering — surely there are much easier ways to get fucked.

  2. Armand Says:

    Thats why i never inlisted.I AM 2 EASY lol.but seriously.rape is wrong and should get the same times a s a murderer.

  3. Manny Says:

    The stories from The Baltimore Sun are truly upsetting, not all men can “shake off” rape with a “it happens” and “furgetaboutit” attitude. The Russian immigrant’s gang rape from his platoon is like a bad Stanley Kubrick movie. Can’t watch Active Duty the same way anymore.

  4. Ripstriprugger Says:

    Rape is always wrong. And different from consenting to getting fucked with no control. Self-sodomization is, on the other hand, totally hot – if the cock owner is willing. Violating yourself on a sleeping platoon one by one remains a hot fantasy, long as it stays like that.

  5. Jack Says:

    Damn right, Manny. Rape is NEVER ok, and many survivors spend YEARS trying to deal with the shame and horror of what they went through :(

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