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Here’s the latest edition of Now Serving — what is fast becoming one of the great webcasts of the year.

In it my reputation starts to take a much deserved hit at about the 17:11 mark — and it goes downhill from there.

“NOW SERVING” EPISODE #10 HOLIDAY T’s (The Bird) by “Now Serving” Radio Show on Mixcloud


  1. Gordion Knott Says:

    This drove my work productivity to a complete halt. SO many revelations. Two-time felonious husband. Tempests at Q. Family and in-law warfare. The Sopranos ain’t got nuttin on this shit.

    The plinky-plink piano background music gave it the feel of an acid flashback.

    I need a drink.

  2. Will Says:

    I thought you did well and the guys are a lot of fun. More of the story (stories, actually) were clarified. It was a great show. I was interested in how you were able to leave NYC, where you clearly had a pretty good-sized footprint, with no regrets but how you miss Seattle. I understand because I have fallen in love with Portland and the Northwest in general. Life and people are very good there.

  3. Scott Says:

    Will, you can’t imagine what great guys Almond Brown and Jayson Spaceotter are. Incredibly bright, hysterically funny, and masters of House Music history. And both sensational DJs

  4. miquel Says:

    Nice interview and it was great to hear you voice Mr Smith! But somehow I missed the opening night drama and the felonious husband and sexual assault drama….Where can I that posting? Sounds like a good read.

  5. Frank Lingo Says:

    Great stuff, Scott. Thanks for explaining what you could about your departure from Q and the sudden end to your relationship with Richard.

    The new project with your dad sounds very, very exciting and I wish you both the best as you create a new vision for the Louisville skyline.

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