Hey little sister who's your Superman?



I took this in the parking lot of a local hunting and fishing supply store.

11 Responses to “WELCOME TO KENTUCKY”

  1. Todd in DC Says:

    You should have left a note: “I voted for Obama again. I also defended this country and saw a lot of good friends get killed as a result. You’re welcome, fuckhead.”

  2. I wont grow up Says:

    Well, it’s certainly a bigger statement than a tee shirt.

  3. Laura Says:

    Since I’m sure he voted for Bush twice, I’m only surprised that everything is spelled correctly.

  4. Billy Says:

    I hear the same sentiment an 90 minutes north of LA & 7 miles from the Pacific, but I think the leasing Co. would be a little irritated if they brought the 540ix with the peel-n-stick letters.

  5. Mark, née Fuzz Says:

    I wonder how many times he voted for Senator Asswipe and Senator Douchebag. We’re counting on you bring those shit heads back home, Scott.

  6. Michael Says:

    WELL SAID! I voted for Bush twice and I can spell, too.

  7. Manny Says:

    The only bush I’d vote for is Hilary Clinton.

  8. carter Says:

    Well, at least Manny gets it right, or left, or correct.
    Anyone who voted for the bush AT ALL has no clue to the real world.

  9. Tina Says:

    It would be so cool to knock down mitch the bitch next election. I’m curious what you and your dad think about ALG’s chances.

  10. Scott Says:

    She’s got a tough road ahead of her unless Miss McConnell gets really badly bloodied in the primary.

    He’s got over $10 million in the bank and will be able to raise pretty much whatever he needs against her. He’s a dirty campaigner, using others to make the scurrilous charges, and he’d gonna pull out all the stops to win — including directing a shit load of federal money to Kentucky as he did with the $2 billion Kentucky Kickback recently.

    That having been said — polls are tight, with some showing Alison tied or even ahead and Mitch under 50%, which is never a good place to be for an incumbent.

  11. Tina Says:

    Thanks! Hopefully the predictable nastiness will backfire on him.

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