Hey little sister who's your Superman?




8 Responses to “DRUMMER BOY”

  1. Manny Says:

    It’s almost too easy, isn’t it? Man gets camera phone. Man takes photo of his junk. Man and junk go viral on internet.

  2. Mark, née Fuzz Says:

    Love the tan lines that show how half his cute, little ass hangs out whenever he suns.

  3. Will Says:


  4. DrMaldoror Says:

    Well, yes, I think I will, in fact. Indeed.

  5. Billy Says:

    Is it showing my age that I expected to see him with at least a leash clipped to a nipple ring?

  6. Todd in DC Says:

    Rum pum pum pum…

    I’d love to bang that drum while I’m riding him…

  7. loyal seattle (formerly) reader Says:

    Drummers are usually the most muscular guys in a band, their job is to hit things. Drummers are also usually the sluttiest and most sexually adventurous. Drummers are hot!

  8. Jack Says:

    Nice :)

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