Hey little sister who's your Superman?



8 Responses to “YUP!”

  1. Damien Oz Says:

    Yup. Definitely future ex boyfriend material.

  2. Will Says:

    He doesn’t look terribly Italian to me, but I’ll do my best to check him out when I’m in Venice next April.

  3. Todd in DC Says:

    Nice chest, auburn hair, killer smile?

    “Yup” sums it up nicely.

  4. Not the other Todd Says:

    Oh, sweet baby jeezus in a barn, y’all!
    This motherfucker is hot, hot, HAWT.
    Good find, Scotty.

  5. Manny Says:

    So many canals, so few blonds!

  6. Jeffrey Says:


  7. Jack Says:

    VERY nice 👍👅
    Oh, and Will, there are actually many blondes, and redheads, in Northern Italy.
    It’s mainly southern Italy that has the “dark” men we so associate with the “Italian” look 😊

  8. wisottertail Says:

    He actually looks like my next-door neighbor — no lie!

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