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Ya gotta love Time Warner Cable. And when I say “love” what I really mean is hate.

Their online user interface is totally user unfriendly and basically useless. Even though you’re securely signed in to your account you can’t simply click an icon and add premium services (except HBO!) without going through their chat service — for which you have to wait and wait until an “analyst” is free to chat.

Then, when you tell the “analyst” that you want to add Showtime and Starz to BOTH your tee vee machines you need to give him the serial numbers of both your cable boxes (something that he should already have since they’re in your account profile) and then, after being thanked repeatedly for your patience he still doesn’t get you subscribed properly.

So now, instead of Showtime and Starz being added to BOTH my tee vee machines I’ve got Starz on just one and no Showtime on either.

This is but one of many reasons why people hate TWC as much as they hate Al-Qaeda and the U.S. Congress.


  1. Billy Says:

    And Comcast & ATT

  2. bill Says:

    And let me add, Scott, that their cable boxes absolutely SUCK!!! If I want sound, I have to reboot (unplug and replug the power) the box and wait ten fucking minutes before I can get sound that doesn’t cut in and out. I’ve had them bring me a new box on two occasions and they’re all the same!! The DVR’s suck out loud, too.

  3. Russ Says:

    There’s no recourse for their execrable customer service, as the supervision and management are every bit as incompetent. They’re as bad as the phone company was under the Ma Bell system.

  4. Sean (Just a Jeep Guy) Says:

    Did you know the the entire NY area was without CBS, Show and more for one month (it ended 6pm Labor Day) because of a dispute with TWC.

  5. Laura Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! TWC just bought out Insight in our area. The first thing they did was increase my bill by 30%. I switched to DirecTV.

    My office phone system was switched to TW as well. Now we can’t get time or date stamps on our voice mail. Nor can you recover the phone number the call came from after the first listen.

    Instead of bombing Syria, we should target TWC.

  6. ScottinAustin Says:

    I lived in an apartment pre-wired for Time Warner.I had a terrible experience. Completely got my order wrong; internet had to be rebooted every two weeks to work on my devices! Just moved to a house, thrilled to be back with Uverse!

  7. Steve G Says:

    Finally had to cut my ties with Oceanic Time Warner, except for the DSL line. Hooked up DirecTV and it’s okay, until I figure out how to quickly (operative word) download only the shows I want to watch, I will stick with the dish method.

  8. Bob Says:

    I try to confine my “cooostomaire service” calls to midweek, when they are less busy, then hang up and call back if I get a fool

  9. Will Says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for any company to have sunk so low as the U.S. Congress in the eyes of American citizens. To use terms relevant to this post, I think we need to unplug Congress, change personnel almost completely, and reboot.

  10. Jeffrey Says:

    I needed to exchange a box. Double checked the location on TWC website and Googled to be sure. Got to the location and they had moved. Called TWC to verify and they gave me the address of the old location. Fortunately the new tenants at the old location had put up a sign. At the new location the ‘greeter’ was not the least concerned when I told her the story.
    THEY blow!

  11. Scott Says:

    I was one of the first people in NYC to get DirecTV when it became available back around 1994. Back when you had to buy the dish and receiver from Radio Shack and it ran you $600. I had it ever since — almost 20 years — and hate to admit that in spite of it being owned by Rupert Murdoch, I loved it.

    Everything about TWC is primitive and sucky in comparison.

  12. paul Says:

    I remember the $600 and up price tags. A 20 foot push up mast on the roof with Radio Shacks biggest antenna and a rotator gave me stations from Austin, Waco, San Antonio and once in a while, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, and San Angelo. One night I watched the 10pm news from Phoenix, AZ. It was as clear as an Austin station… and faded to snow half way through the sports section.

    I bought my dual LNB Sony DirecTv dish in July 1999. (yeah, I do save that much e-mail.) Off of eBay for $69. Plus shipping and an installation kit. Total $127.95. The first thing I bought on eBay. I installed it by myself. Call me weird but I had fun. Anyway, it simply worked…. it _was_ a Sony. I went HD in 2009 to feed a new 55″ Vizio what it needed. The new DirecTv box works fine but is much more sensitive to rain. I don’t like the remote control either. But the picture blows a 32″ Trinitron away. :)

    Funny thing about the Sony box. It worked great for 10 years, sat for a month unplugged and when we tried to set it up for the motor home, it was dead.

  13. Bob Says:

    Ask that nice lady you met in the garage if you can use her TV to watch streaming Hot House videos while your cable is getting sorted.

  14. jdw Says:

    In Florida they call it Bright House. Same thirty day loss of Showtime and the Movie Channel. Asked why no discount end of August , they say nooo you will get credit when we settle with CBS who owns these channels. Direct TV is completely gone with any heavy clouds, so no win cable in Fla. Are you really surprised? Dwight

  15. Scott Says:

    Heavy clouds? I lived in Seattle for ten years and I’m willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that there are no heavier clouds anywhere in the country, and for six months at a time, and I never once had trouble with reception with DirecTV during the decade that I had it there.

  16. Manny Says:

    Couldn’t get Dish in Vegas because my apartment didn’t face south! Seems like the only “tower” required you to face it or no dice. Would like the US “Defense” Industries to hookup with the Cable Industries and bring us technologically into the 21st century.

  17. Steve G Says:

    Here in Hawaii the DirecTV dish is about 6 feet wide to bring in the signal 2500 additional miles from the West Coast. But it works fine even with the frequent tropical weather. Also VERY hot service guy who came in, had to place the dish about 75 feet from the main house and dig a trench to run the cable from the dish. All no charge, and with a smile and a good attitude about the extra work.

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