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Here’s their announcement of the names of the pilots on Asiana 214 that crashed at SFO:

Sum Ting Wong

Wi Tu Lo

Ho Lee Fuk

Bang Ding Ow


  1. Bob Says:

    If I were at KTVU, I would skip having Asian food delivered for awhile, as they will probably poison it, after viewing the above.
    Maybe next week the station can run their feature story on Aunt Jemima hitting Paula Deen with her rolling pin, then the one on Rock Hudson marrying Jim Nabors.
    This station is in Jack London Square in Oakland (I toured it as a kid)– everyone there should know better than to make racist jokes, and I wonder if someone got fired for letting this get on-air.

  2. CowboyDenver Says:

    I think that sums up perfectly the inherent stupidness of TV anchors. The crazy loon didn’t even realized she was being punked.

  3. D Says:

    There’s a lot of blame to go around. The intern at the FAA who is said to have given the information out; The person from the station who took the information; the producer who gave it to graphics or made the full screen. Someone from graphics. And the producer for the show who wrote it for the anchor to read and finally the anchor.

    One of the sad things is today is the last day for their Assistant News Director, an Asian woman who has worked tirelessly for years on issues of diversity for people of color and LGBT people. Her departure was announced earlier this month.

  4. Will Says:

    I find it incredible that even an open racist would not recognize that for the blatant insult that it was and think those names could be real. I suspect that it was put on the air with every purpose of racially insulting Asian people.

  5. TominSF Says:

    I’ve been watching Tori Campbell for years. She’s very professional and normally quite astute. How she missed this is a mystery. How the editors didn’t see this is a mystery. KTVU is normally a very good station for Bay Area local news.

  6. Just Stopping By Says:

    I didn’t get it until I read the names out loud. Still, somebody needs to get fired over this.

  7. Manny Says:

    As Tara of True Blood would say, “This is some really fucked-up shit!”

  8. Rich Says:

    Here’s a screenshot..

    They’ll probably just blame an intern, and hope people will forget. Sad.

    And of course there were numerous “bad Asian driver” jokes that popped up on Facebook and Twitter.

  9. Todd in DC Says:

    It’s a FOx news affiliate.

    ’nuff said.

  10. MeToo Says:

    Americans are too smart to miss that. Even for us who are not anchors know this is a mock. The people at KTVU had every intention to be insensitive to the crash victims and let this thing out in the open. For anything to be aired it requires more than one person’s input. Obviously this is the decision of a whole bunch of people. (Thanks, Scott)

  11. Steve Says:

    I had one of those cancer curing belly laughs over this one. Seriously, I could not stop laughing. Laughed more than I have in a long time.

    Does it make me a bad person?

  12. TominSF Says:

    To say that “this is a Fox news affiliate” and that’s supposed to explain it is completely unfair and just as biased as the other side. Yes, this was egregious and yes, mistakes were made by both the NTSB and KTVU. KTVU is a Fox affiliate with a completely independent news operation. They are always – well, in most cases – right on the money.

    If you don’t live here and don’t know the station or the anchor, don’t presume that you do.

    I’m giving you the evil eye, Todd in DC!

  13. Rob Says:

    I’m with Steve. That’s just funny stuff right there. I know, it took a jerk to think of it, and some idiots to pull it off, but racist? We are becoming way to sensitive. I’ll bet some of you would hand out jail time for a fart in public.

  14. ian Says:

    Hi Steve
    You are not alone. I laughed for several minutes once I had read the
    ‘crew list’
    Forget those politically correct idiots who try and take all the fun out of life.
    All the best.
    Ian (from Australia).

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