Hey little sister who's your Superman?


My friend Gärett demonstrates doggy juggling — one of the many skills that made him famous here in Seattle.


8 Responses to “GÄRET DOES TRICKS”

  1. Will Says:

    Delightful — the dog juggling, too.

  2. Mikey Says:

    What are his other skills, Scott? :)

  3. Scott Says:

    Yeah, he’s a real doll. 28 years old and adorable. He’s a major league rooftop and sustainable gardener/landscaper and a Burner who attends Burning Man every year — where he can be found running around naked and wearing body paint with a big group of Burners that he’s one of the leaders of known as The GlamCocks.


  4. Continuum Says:

    Is it really juggling if he’s only doing it with one dog.

    Couldn’t he find a litter of puppies . . . .

  5. Bryson Says:

    All well and good, Mr. Smith – but i must say i’m abit disappointed that you haven’t weighed in the Edward Snowden debacle….?

  6. Boomer Says:

    He’s adorable and so is his Jack Russell and virtually all of the Glamcocks. I always dreamed of going to Burning Man but I think I left that dream too long, At 50, I am not sure I could master riding a unicycle naked while hearing a Cat-in-the-Hat bonnet in the desert. Ah, missed opportunities.

  7. Boomer Says:

    er…that’s WEARING a Cat-in-the-Hat…

  8. Will Says:

    “GlamCocks” is all aquiver with promise!

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