Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Well, I can’t tell you how long its been since I’ve been well and truly fucked — but my dry spell ended tonight and even after 5 hours have gone by since being repeatedly plunged I still feel all tingly Down There™ and think that having ended my heretofore mentioned dry spell with a bang I’m thinking I may embark upon a major cock hunt over the next 36 to 72 hours with the intention of turning myself into a pass around party bottom.

That or I’ll just read a good book.

In any event — we had this adorable 24 year old twink at the club tonight — pictures are below — who was dancing somewhat dishabille and who, after he had finished, came over to me and said, “Daddy, I’m a fucking phenomenal top with a gorgeous cock and you look as if you’re in desperate need to serve up some ass to someone who knows what to do with it.”


After exactly 1 nano second of contemplation I realized that there was simply no way for me to refuse such an overture.

And he was.

A phenomenal top with a gorgeous cock AND two of the biggest balls I’ve ever seen on a man that is!

Oh!  And after he got done plunging me repeatedly I put out my “Dining in Rear” sign and as he leaned back and threw his legs over my shoulders and grabbed his beautiful cock and started stroking, I dove right in and spent the next hour or so attempting to coax his colon out of his rectum using just my mouth.

I’m pretty sure I’m suffering from ass burn on my face now.



18 Responses to “PRAISE THE BABY JEEBUS!”

  1. Damien Oz Says:

    Mazal Tov.

  2. Scotty Says:

    you are the MAN!!

  3. Greg Says:

    Damn! Now that’s a welcome post.

    I meant blog post, but that too

  4. Will Says:

    Somehow I never associate you with the term dry spell, but as the just-terminated one ended so spectacularly well, I hope it isn’t one we’ll be hearing from you again soon. And bravo to the well-equipped young man who had the balls (literally and figuratively) to take you in hand and tell you you were going to get it in the end!

  5. Not the other Todd Says:

    “…Down There™…”

    I’m glad you got that trade marked. Having a patent pending is terribly stressful.

  6. Jason Says:

    I think that is the only way to Win, Place, & Show all at the same time on Derby weekend!

  7. Bob Says:

    Men are so selfish — you complain that you may have ass burn on your lips, but what about the poor boy whose anal area was rubbed totally rawf by your coarse grey beard?
    And yes, I am really glad you had such a good time. I had many “Who would believe it?” adventures at your age and older.

  8. Bob Says:

    If you do decide to go on a slut streak – sign up for the trials of the new ass condom http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/06/origami-rai-condom-anal-sex_n_3224443.html?utm_hp_ref=gay-voices#slide=684233

  9. Dan Says:

    I love that the Google ad at the top of the post is for the Squatty Potty – “to help align and open your colon.”

  10. Bret Says:

    Mazel tov

  11. TJ Says:

    You are so disgusting… meant in the nicest way possible, of course.

  12. Muzzle Says:

    I hope you got your money’s worth

  13. Scott Says:

    Bob, my beard is softer than Pashmina.

  14. btom89 Says:

    Do you use conditioner on your beard to help keep it soft or do you just let it grow out so you don’t have the same problem as you’d have with shorter stubble?

  15. Scott Says:

    No conditioner and I keep it pretty short.

  16. Will Says:

    The more I think of your phrase “well and truly fucked” the more I like it. Makes me smile and remember some great cocks and where they wound up.

  17. Manny Says:

    Sometimes it is better to receive than to give.

  18. Bill Says:

    So you got some. Congratulations! You deserve it. Xoxo, b

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