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jason medina

Andrew Christian model Jason Medina — just met him at the club last night — very sweet and extremely polite. ¬†And exactly what I’m looking for in a future ex-boyfriend.

Or houseboy.

6 Responses to “JASON MEDINA”

  1. gerardo Says:

    jason medina’s butt ……mmmmmmm that’s what dreams are made of

  2. Damien Says:

    Before he disappears into your “Forbidden Room” for the next several years, can ya let some of us schmo’s have a grab first :)

    Love your work Sir I really do.

  3. Iltmaniain Says:

    Scott you’re going to have to fight me for Jason!

  4. TominSF Says:

    My fave AC model. Love their vids. First time I’ve actually been jealous of you, Scott… Okay, maybe not the first.

  5. Greg Says:

    And that’s beautiful underwear, too.

  6. Angelo Ventura Says:

    I prefer Quinn Jaxon, but Json’s hot, too!

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