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That building is the old headquarters building for Amazon. It sits right where Interstate 5 meets the start {or end, depending upon your point of view} of Interstate 90  just to the south of downtown Seattle.

It was originally built as a hospital for U.S. Marines.

The mountain looking thingy on the extreme upper right corner of the image is Little Tahoma Peak, which sits on Mt. Rainier’s east slope {just out of the picture} and is an eroded remnant of a much earlier, higher Mount Rainier.

At 11,138 feet it would be considered Washington’s third highest peak were it not part of Mt. Rainier.


  1. Damien Oz Says:

    Stunning. You live in a gorgeous part of the country.

  2. AJ Says:

    That’s a great place and moment to shoot a zombie movie.

  3. Jack Says:

    STUNNING image, Scott – just beautiful!

  4. Joel Says:

    The was a US Public Health hospital for the US Merchant Marines (like cargo ships) not US Marine Corps.

  5. Scott Says:

    Actually Joel, we’re both kind of right {and wrong}.

    Pacific Medical Center was established to serve, among others, merchant marines. But it was originally established primarily as a facility for military veterans from the naval services (including Marines) as well as the Coast Guard and the U.S. Lighthouse Service. It was not exclusive to the Marine Corps as I implied it was — however, to assert as you do that it did not serve U.S. Marines and to imply that it was only for merchant seaman is just flat out wrong.

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