Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Six of the seven flavors of vodka that we produce under the club’s name.


The flavors we distill and bottle are — Dulce de Leche, Thai Coconut, Cocoa Cereal {Coco Pebbles Cereal},¬†Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Chocomint {York Peppermint Patty}, and Hickory Smoked Bacon.

9 Responses to “I BUILT THAT”

  1. Matt Says:

    Scott, they all sound AMAZING! I would love to try Chocomint and Hickory Smoked Bacon. Are your vodkas available in liquor stores to purchase? Or only available in your club?

  2. Scott Says:

    Only at the club right now. But we’re going to launch nation wide later this year, Matt.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Not to be a purist or a snob, but when I think of vodka, I think “clean, pure, sweet, floral”.

    The kind I used to make when I stole gallons of lab-grade ethanol, distilled water, and set up 25gal buckets full of 50/50 in my lab floor’s cold room. Then took them home and poured them into water bottles.

    It’s amazing how cheap good vodka really is.

  4. Gordion Knott Says:

    By “distilling,” do you mean you’re actually in control of the production of the vodka as well–not just the adding of the infusions? Is the vodka made with potatoes or grain? (I’m dumm when it comes to vodka . . .)

  5. Damien Says:

    Can I put in a mail order for 2 x Chocomint, 2 x Cantaloupe and 2 x Pineapple please?

  6. Scott Says:

    We have a distillery in Warren, Oregon, GK. And the vodka is rye based rather than potato because rye has a cleaner taste and takes flavors better.

  7. KDNA Says:

    I want to taste ALL of them!

    One day, I’ll get to Seattle and make Q priority #1! In the meantime, I wait for Canadialand to score some Q vodka!

  8. Scotty Says:

    can’t wait to try them in a few months, I’ll pick out my favorite then I can order it once you go national! woohoo!

  9. Bret Says:

    I should be there for my friend’s big Gay wedding in May, looking forward to Q for the first time. I’ll make sure I get a flight of vodka ;)

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