Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Two of my absolutely amazing security team at Q.


Our security detail has an incredible reputation in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in particular and Seattle in general for being hands down the nicest, most helpful security of any bar or club in the city.

We have a big security crew for a Seattle club — 15 in total — and they’re the club’s pride and joy for the work they do in keeping things on an even keel and making sure everyone in the club is able to play safely and enjoy themselves.

They’re the first people you see when you come in and the last people you see when you leave and they set the tone for how your night is gonna go when you arrive at our doors and how it will end up as you depart.

Another thing I’m really proud of is that with a staff of almost 50, I employ more people of color than any other business in the entire Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.

In fact, white folks are in the minority among the employees at Q.

The strong black woman on the left is Angelique and she is my own personal Angel. Not a night goes by that she and I won’t hug each other out on the sidewalk in front of the club at least a dozen times over the course of the evening.


8 Responses to “MY PEOPLEZ”

  1. Richard Wagner (@DrDickSexAdvce) Says:

    hey there! how did Angel like her holiday gift bag?

  2. Todd in DC Says:

    I don’t know about the man in the photo, but that woman looks like she could kick ass and chew gum.

    And she’s all out of gum.

  3. Just Stopping By Says:

    I love how you talk about your staff. I love how happy everyone looks in the Q pictures you post. (Except you. You always seem to have that, “You thinkin’ ’bout dissin’ me? Don’t do it.” expression on your face.)

  4. Scott Says:

    Loved it Doc Dick! But I must admit, that when I saw what was in it I almost stole it.

  5. Manny Says:

    Black Americans can smile bigger and wider than anybody. Considering their history in America and their economic history today, it still amazes me. God, or somebody, has given them a grace or resilience that overcomes most of the bullshit that White America has piled on them.

  6. Bill Says:

    You rock Mr. Smith—but we knew that already.

  7. Ginger Snap Says:

    I have friends that just moved to your fine city, and I’m sending them your way.

  8. Richard Wagner (@DrDickSexAdvce) Says:

    Dr Dick has a most excellent gift bag for you right here. ;-) i’ll have to bring it buy at some point.

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