Hey little sister who's your Superman?



9 Responses to “3/30/13”

  1. Damien Oz Says:




  2. Ginger Snap Says:

    I want to suffocate myself in his pubes.

  3. Damien Oz Says:

    Good. Cuz want to suffocate in the rear :-)

  4. Bob Says:

    Seattle people do love forests!
    Scott I was planning to suggest that you have everyone making a poster about an event at Q that there has to be in their contract that they will use a standardized logo This posters got it just right

  5. Adriaan Says:

    one of the sexiest men today… oh to hear those vocal chords let rip between the sheets

  6. MrBadGuy Says:

    I absolutely adore Jake Shears. I saw Scissor Sisters perform in Chicago awhile back and had an awesome time, partly due to the fact that Jake wasn’t wearing a whole lot of clothing.

  7. Scott Says:

    MBG, the party on the 30th is themed dirty and sleazy — so I suspect Jake’s gonna {un}dress appropriately.

  8. bill Says:

    The 30th is my 52nd. birthday.

  9. howard Says:

    He did a set at the Laneway Party after Mardi Gras in Sydney this weekend and it was amazing!

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