Hey little sister who's your Superman?



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  1. Gordion Knott Says:

    If Texas secedes, I’d be more worried about their neighbor to the south. Mexico wants its territory back. Within hours, the Texan National Guard will be overrun by the Mexican army, with the country (re)annexed by Mexico shortly thereafter. The “country” of Texas will enjoy a brief half-life of existence before it goes down in flames. Refugies will pour into Oklahoma and New Mexico, to live in squalor in refugee camps like the aliens in District 9.

    It’s the setting for a Stephen King dystopia novel, and I kinda hope it happens to be able to watch it all unfold on the news and Internet.

  2. Todd in DC Says:

    You mean all those guns texas has will be all for naught?

    LOL, a full capacity semi auto isn’t going to kill very well if the owner drops dead of a heart attack because he is so out of shape he can’t haul the thing up a hill…

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