Hey little sister who's your Superman?



7 Responses to “WELL HELLLLOOOOOO”

  1. Damien Says:

    Hellloooo indeed Mr Smith.

  2. Patrick Says:

    oh my !!! let me chip my teeth !

  3. Steve Says:

    And how perfect to have Venus bringing the statue of Pygmalion to life in the background. How do I breathe a little life into my screen?

  4. Will Says:

    As they used to say half a century or more ago, an extremely presentable young man.

    As we say today, Holy shit–fuckable!

  5. Manny Says:

    Who has a clock in the bathroom!? I bet he is considering getting a PA.

  6. bill Says:

    For guest’s towels.

  7. Iltmaniain Says:

    Oh my, I do love a handsome young man with piercings

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