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Here’s cute shot of my friend, Q resident DJ, and Emmy Award winner {and husband to Dan Savage} Terry Hecker with the club’s vaunted intern, Jordan.

That was Jordan’s first time wearing leather and I’m thinking he may need to rethink the look a bit.

Needless to say, that was not Terry’s first time at the leather rodeo.

I’ve been dying to get into Terry and Dan’s leather closet to see what they’ve got and next time I’m at their house I’m gonna demand a tour — because¬†word on the street is that their collection rivals the inventory to be found at Mr. S in San Francisco.

Which means that its just a bit smaller than my leather collection.

4 Responses to “Q CUIR BOYS”

  1. Notorious Imp Says:

    No comment.

  2. Manny Says:

    It’s not fair! Where were these specimens when I was young

  3. Frank Says:

    I think you need to send Jordan a link to that leather basics series you did a few years back. Either that or throw him in THE FORBIDDEN ROOM and do a makeover.

    Don’t worry about Dan and Terry’s closet. I bet they don’t have a pair of beautiful, solid wood antique chests like you do!

  4. tj Says:

    jordan is adorable

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