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3 Responses to “RAPTOR”

  1. Todd02 Says:

    That is a piece of art.

  2. Old Salt Says:

    Looks great but overall a piece of shit to fly and a bitch to maintain. Can’t be used for close ground support which the Marines need, can’t be used on aircraft carriers and the AF has never ID’ed just who it could be used against other than Iran. Not China because any base close enough for it to fly from would quickly be taken out with missiles. It would have to be stationed where there is little rain and I would hate to see what a sand storm would do to it’s stealth coating. It is stationed in the UAE and there is still the problem of Iran taking the base out with missiles. Plus there is still the problem of pilots passing out in it at high altitude. An aircraft that was developed for the long gone cold war.

  3. Fred Says:

    This and the F-35 are garbage. Far too expensive for what they do. I remember reading somewhere production of the F-22 has ceased. I wish they would further develop the F-15 air frame.

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