Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Be specific please.


28 Responses to “CAN YOU IDENTIFY THIS?”

  1. rick Says:

    looking down the receiver of an AR15

  2. Manny Says:

    The way she shoots off he mouth, I think this is mechanical toothbrush for Ann Coulter (or Michelle Malkin.)

  3. Brian Says:

    hmmm – somebody didn’t clear their weapon before leaving the range.

  4. Brian Says:

    oooh shit – so you’d make me specify the the difference between an M16A2, 3 or 4?
    I’m out.

  5. Mike Says:

    The inside of a penis.

  6. chuck Says:

    Inside chamber of a gun with two bullets showing

  7. Aaron Says:

    Google image search identifies this as a view inside the firing chamber of an AR-15 assault rifle.

  8. GreenNGoldGirl Says:

    I can’t be too specific because I know nothing about guns, but it kind of looks like bullets inside a chamber waiting to be fired. So maybe your looking down the barrel of the gun.

  9. Will Says:

    The view down he barrel of some kind of gun or rifle?

  10. LA Richard Says:

    Looks like a mortar shoved up a guy’s ass, who has been dunked in clay, with his cock and balls restrained in (vague) leather. But it might just be my imagination, or something I’ve been inhaling.

  11. calcarl Says:

    Is it a proctologist’s M16?

  12. Martin Cantu Says:

    The inside of a M-16 with .223

  13. elloki Says:

    Looks likes the chamber of an m16 can’t tell you which m16 exactly.

  14. Martin Cantu Says:

    I think I also see the bolt plunger, brass deflector and of coase the lips of a magazine.

  15. JamesR (the other) Says:

    Bore’s eye view of an AR-15 or clone?

  16. Jerry Says:

    Vagina dentata? (At least, I imagine that I don’t want to stick my dick in a gun chamber.)

  17. TonkaManOR Says:

    I know, but should be disqualified.

  18. KDNA Says:

    The inner workers of Alex Jones’ dildo?

  19. JamesR (the other) Says:

    (I like Manny’s answer better though)

  20. iain Says:

    Waste disposal unit?

  21. Damien Says:


  22. Austin A. Says:

    View looking down barrel of M16A(1/2), magazine loaded (5.56mm ball ammo), ejector port open. Of course from this picture I can’t discern whether it is an A1 or A2 weapon – the foreward bolt assist was present on the A1 yet the A2 had improved stock, heavier barrel with a tighter twist rate 1:7 vs 1:12, built in shell deflector, better sights, and a 3 shot burst setting vs full auto (A1). What did I miss?

  23. tomcat Says:

    It looks like the breach of an automatic weapon. “Be specific” It looks to big to be a pistol so maybe MP4 or AR50. I am not 100% confident but that’s life.

  24. Mauricio Says:

    The inside of a rifle or gun chamber. :/

  25. Rob Says:

    inside the barrel of an M16?

  26. Colonel Panic Says:

    It’s a gnu.

    Yours dyslexically..

  27. Scott Says:

    Yes, Tonks — you should be disqualified from answering any quiz questions concerning firearms.

  28. Scott Says:

    Nice work guys! For a bunch of sissy fags a lot of you were able to answer the question with a high degree of specificity.

    The view is down the barrel of an M16/M4/AR15 rifle. The round thingy with the 8 nubbins is the head of the Bolt Assembly and which is the part of the Bolt Carrier Group that serves to both eject and load a round into the firing chamber.

    The rounds are the copper colored thingys in the foreground while the open space to the left is the ejection port for ejecting spent rounds. The silver thing outside the ejection port is the spent brass deflector — making this a later model variant of the original M16.

    Aaron, you got disqualified for looking it up on Google images ;)

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