Hey little sister who's your Superman?



As I made mention of on my FB page last night;  I just found out that one of my bartenders breeds these little blue beauties and he told me that I was welcome to take two out of the next litter of pups.

Daddy Pit is a 130 pound brute of a wee beastie.  While Mama Pit weighs in at a demure and ladylike 110.

I can’t wait to have two little Q mascots to take to work with me.

9 Responses to “SQUEEEE!”

  1. Will Says:

    Very nice, because I cannot imagine you living too long without dogs.

  2. Bob Says:

    Scott in a year will you be ready to handle 240 pounds of adolescent pitbull?
    You might have to wear cleats when you walk them

  3. RG Says:

    Adorable! Can’t wait to see the pics of you and your new puppies!

  4. jdw Says:

    Go Scott Go! they look as if they will be absolutely gorgeous !

  5. Colonel Panic Says:

    That is just the most ridiculously cute fuck off and die expression I have ever seen. Want one. Want ten.

  6. I wont grow up Says:

    Now THAT is a puppy with a ‘tude.

  7. Snorkel3 Says:

    Q Puppy: Destroyer of Worlds

  8. steve Says:

    That is such a ‘Don’t mess with me’ look.
    Just think what he she will grow into.
    Are you ready?
    Me, I’d love an English Bull Terrier

  9. Just Stopping By Says:

    Oh, god. I can just hear a growly little puppy voice saying, “Get yer fuckin’ eyes offa me!” I’m dying from the adorable.

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