Hey little sister who's your Superman?



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  1. dazzer Says:

    I love it when dogs go nuts. They just don’t give a fuck. I’m having a shitty time at the moment. I could adopt two Lurcher/Poodle crosses (from a rescue centre) with my landlady’s complete approval. But I don’t know if I can aford to look after them properly because the freelance market is so fucking cretinous at the moment.

    I hate this sodding recession. Three years ago I’d have taken the dogs without even a thought. These days I have to worry if I can feed them properly (and I’m someone who has zero problems about going without obvious food to make sure a pet eats well).

    I hate this recession so much.

    I can’t make my life better. I can’t make an animal’s life better. It’s the food chain thing – we’re all just passing the misery downwards.

    Despite that…. I really like seeing a picture of a dog who doesn’t give a fuck. It’s something to aim for.

    Thank you for posting it, Scott. I needed it.

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