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“I just want Christmas. . . I don’t want to die. I just want to have Christmas.”

School children hiding from the gunman who murdered 26 people including 20 children in Connecticut today.


  1. James Says:

    Sweet fucking Jesus.

  2. dazzer Says:

    The NRA isn’t the problem, though, is it?

    The NRA is the symptom of a deeper problem. It’s the enlarged armpit lymph nodes that suggest you might have cancer – it’s not the cancer itself.

    I’m writing this as a Briton who spent many years crowing and whinging at Americans that the lack of gun control made these things inevitable. It took me several years of my pompous arguments with Americans over the internet to understand two basic things: i) it’s not up to me to criticise another country that functions relatively well in a lot of fields; and ii) guns are written into the cultural DNA of far too many Americans.

    And it is guns.

    If you’re a worried man who sticks a baseball bat down his Y-fronts before going to the local Wal-Mart, people will suspect you’re a bit odd or trying to boast. If you stuff a grenade down your Y-fronts before attending the local Wal-Mart, and then insert blasting caps in your shoe heels and explosive chemicals in your socks, well, then you’re considered a terrorist.

    Why is that?

    In both cases you’re going into a public place well armed (according to the Second Amendment). At any time in your American life you could be in Walgreens trying to buy a blister patch (possibly caused by the implements hidden in your underwear). Suddenly the North Koreans attack and you become the hero of the day.

    Try doing the same thing on an internal flight from Chicago to New York. People get peeved, people. Righteously so.

    Context is everything.

    The thing about the Second Amendment is that it’s a heap of shit as a law.

    It’s badly written and ill-defined. It doesn’t provide context or guidance. It just says something. It’s an idea that’s expressed, but it doesn’t actually say very much in terms of the words it uses.

    The Second Amendment expresses an idea, but once you’re past the written words, you’re on your own when it comes to what it means. In China this week, a lunatic tried to stab to death the childfren in a school. It’s an horrific story – but the child victims were hurt (badly) but didn’t die. The wannabe killer was armed with a knife. If He had had a gun… well, make up your own mind.

    For whatever reason, America doesn’t want to sensibly discuss the pros and cons of killing people. It also doesn’t want to discuss its own, fundamental established principles.

  3. Laura Says:

    I’m not an overly emotional person but I have been either on the verge of tears or in tears all day because of all of the dead children in CT.

    As a parent, I cannot fathom what the families of these children are going through. It is horrific beyond comprehension.

    My question is why is the only thing anybody can remember about the 2nd amendment is the ‘right to bear arms’. How come the ‘well-regulated’ part is never addressed?

  4. Damien Says:

    There is nothing here I can say that no one else has already said.

    the right to bear arms needs serious revision.

    so sad and my heart is breaking for my American brethren.

  5. Manny Says:

    Americans would rather sacrifice a generation of children than to lose access to their “beloved” guns.

  6. Angelo Davilo Says:

    It’s too late for gun control. The time for that was 30 years ago, before the NRA became America’s newest religion. Now if you try to implement any sort of control over things like assault rifles and cop-killer bullets and the like, you’ll wind up with a civil war. The maniacs on the right have won this battle, and it will not matter how many people are killed by lunatics with easy access to weapons. It’s absurd…but it’s reality.

  7. Angelo Ventura Says:

    The NRA is morally responsible, and it will pay. But too many people cherish lethal weapons like a penis extension and finds perfectly normal buying them at the grocery store: It’s a whole bloody mentality that needs change. Anyone who wants to buy assault weapons should have his (or her, but is 99% a HE ) bloody head examined. And lack of proper health care for mental illness is also to blame. Why that madman could buy weapons,carry them in a school, hide them for use without nobody noticing?

  8. Brandon Says:

    I really don’t want to come off as apathetic or an asshole, but when I heard the news today, I just shrugged my shoulders and thought, “this again?”

    After the Batman shooting, the NFL player shooting, the hockey mask guy in Oregon…I believe I am just completely desensitized to it all. Nothing will change. Look at what Fox and the NRA did to Bob Costas for even attempting to address this issue.

    I feel awful now for acting that way and do feel sympathy for these poor children and their families, not to mention the adults that were harmed, but I can’t just help but think…what’s going to happen next week.

    The only thing you can rely on is that nothing will change.

  9. Ken The Canuck Says:

    While this event is as sad as anything can be what is even sadder is seeing some redneck asshole on TV trying to still justify his “right” to own these weapons of mass destruction. America, what the fuck is wrong with your society????!!!!

  10. Scott C Says:

    The last serious discussiion happened when they tried to assissinate Regan. Maybe it will take another attempted assissination on a high profile GOP figure to get it started again?

  11. miquel Says:

    I wonder how many ‘arms’ Mittsie and Ass Romney and their unfortunate clan of delu$ional ilk might happen to bear.

    We have become our own wor$t enemy.

    Pray for these families.

  12. Manny Says:

    Adam ( under medication) Lanza didn’t buy a single gun; his elementary school teacher mother bought all 5 guns, including a rifle. In appreciation, Adam, blew her face off and then went to slaughter her “beloved children.”

  13. jdw Says:

    Manny, the issue here is not guns its responsible gun ownership. If the mother made no provision to protect her weapons , knowing she had a child with mental issues and the strength to pull a trigger, she essentially killed herself and the children she loved so much anyway. 5 guns and an assault rifle and no iron clad or concrete gun safe with a mentally ill person in your house makes your house a keg of dynamite. I grew up with 20 pistols and rifles in our house and all we have ever killed is rats and bottles and the occasional deer , squirrel or wild boar. Read the statistics though. Look at gun deaths in the US and then compare those to another country not at war or in a military conflict. Guns of all types shapes and sizes are too available to amateurs in this country. Consider the man with the knife who tried to kill children overseas , he didnt succeed because a knife is not semi automatic with hollow point ammo etc. This can be debated infinitely but in the end responsible people owning only guns for home protection I believe is the answer. Preferably one 6 shot revolver – per physical address. Dwight Williamson

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