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“There is no point for Canadians to ask why the aircraft Ottawa apparently committed to buy in 2010 is turning out to be much more expensive, and taking far longer to develop, than first projected. The answers to those questions can only be found south of the border where defence contracts have long had a way of ballooning way out of control.

The questions for Canadians is: Why did Canada simply take the U.S. Defense Department’s word that the plane would do all it was supposed to do at the cost that was then quoted?”

The Globe and Mail weighing in on the ever escalating costs of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that Canadia stooopidly agreed to buy from us.

Silly Canadialanders! Haven’t you guys figured out yet that when you come south of the border you’re gonna need to keep your hands on your wallets?

We’re trying to run an honest kleptocracy down here and all you can do is bitch about getting your pockets picked of few {OK, almost fifty} billion dollars.


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  1. Manny Says:

    Oh Canada! Don’t you know that you don’t need any Armed Forces, when you are a dependency of the U.S., like Monaco & France. But we in America’s Little Shop of Weapons do need to be fed ever increasing monies. Unlike those amateurs, the Aztecs, who only had Human Sacrifice one at a time, we civilized sophisticates have ante-ed up killing to hundreds a day. But don’t let a little pip-squeak of a country, like North Korea or Iran, have missiles; those are only allowed to the Defenders of Freedom, like the U.S., France, China, India, Israel, and Pakistan.

  2. dazzer Says:

    Much as I love Canada (love the country, generally love Canadian people – and fucked a fair number of them despite never finding out their names), their Department of Defence is unbelievably shit. Not just shit at times – I mean institutionally shit. I remember back in the day when Joe Who was Defence Minister and he was an unmitigated disaster (he fucked over a member of my family and that was just a sign of how unbelievably inmadequate he was going to be when he ascended the greasy pole).
    Since then, Canadian defence procurement is a department that just can’t seem to catch a break. A couple of years ago it spent many millions on some rusty second-hand submarines from the Brits. It’s had problems finding the right equipment for soldiers in combat zones. And now it buys some crap from the USA.

    As a rule, Canadians need very little advice on how to run a sensible country – however, in terms of its defence procurement, it really needs to make ‘attends flea markets regularly and has learnt when he/she is being sold a pup’ to its recruitment policies.

  3. Brian Says:

    The Globe misses the real point. Put the blame where it belongs – the arrogant Harper government and the mendacious Peter MacKay. They were warned by the parliamentary budget officer and the Auditor General that the estimates were grossly understated, but they blundered on. We can’t kick them out – yet – but Peter MacKay should lose his cabinet position and be required to apologize. Not that I see that happening.

  4. Ken The Canuck Says:

    Here in Canada we have our own George W Bush now in power, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives. This is a government who’s first price for this project failed to include the cost of the engines in order to make the price seem OK to Canadians. This is a government that didn’t even put out tenders for this project. This is a government that was elected to power by a mere 30 per cent or so of the popular vote due to our antiquated political system. My pet name for these aircraft, the “F-35 fighter gliders”!

  5. franco Says:

    Things always cost twice as much as what you think they are. Never take the lowest bid.
    I’m a construction project manager- same principles apply. Elevators, for example don’t end at the cost of an elevator. The maintenance contract alone (MANDATORY in many cases) is worth just as much as the elevator in the long run (7 to 10 year contract). Why does Canada think they need this aircraft? Are they going to build a fence between our borders? Hmm.

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