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Here’s the deal — we stomped all over the GOP a month ago in the elections and handed them their collective asses because we don’t like what they’re peddling.

So no!  There’s no fucking reason to reach a compromise.

Or to be bipartisan.

Or to seek a grand fucking bargain with a group of theocratic, retrograde, know-nothing, plutocrat fellating, nihilist douchebags.

Just let the Bush tax cuts for the very wealthy expire, don’t agree to raise the age for Medicare, don’t fuck with Social Security, and let the fucking car go over the “fiscal cliff” if need be.

Every man Jack of us will know who’s to blame if the shit goes bad, and guess what?

It won’t be the Dems.

And it won’t be that bad.

Losing the Bush tax cuts will be great for the country, the people have no interest in seeing the age for Medicare raised, or of any fuckery happening with Social Security — and going over the “fiscal cliff” won’t really do all that much except reduce the deficit.

Which is what all the fucking deficit scolds and Very Serious People™ want anyway, right?

I mean Jesus H. Christ on a fucking Carnival Lines cruise to the Turks and Caicos!  Its not that fucking difficult!!!

We elected you pig fuckers to do the shit we want, not what the republican arsonists who are holding this country hostage want.

So fucking do it already!


  1. Manny Says:

    Ditto. Working-Class me willing to let go of the Bush tax cut to avoid the Social Security cut, the Medicare cut, the Medicaid cut, the EPA cut, the Dept. of Education cut, the PBS cut, the School layoffs, the Police layoffs, the Firemen layoffs, etc… If you must cut something, cut the Pentagon, Dept. of Defense, Raytheon, MC-Donell Douglas, Halliburton, the “new” Blackwater, and best of all, Congrssional Staff (let the bastards do their own work.)

  2. jdw Says:

    Scott, I would love to meet you-so you could wear the green ass flattering shorts and say -I mean Jesus H. Christ on a fucking Carnival Lines cruise to the Turks and Caicos! Its not that fucking difficult!!! to me in person lol . Dwight Williamson . This is now on my bucket list.

  3. CowboyDenver Says:

    Scott, I’ve really missed your rants! Thanks.

  4. Gregorio Says:

    Let’s hope after this disastrous day in our history that President Obama realizes the position of power he is in and tells John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Republicans to go fuck themselves.

    PS. It is ironic now that the election is over, Governor Kasich here in Ohio is beginning to talk again about how strong the Ohio economy is. Guess the RNC lifted their gag on him preventing him from saying such things the past 4-6 months.

  5. Mark Says:

    I feel your pain, Democrats gained seats in the Senate and in the House. more people voted for Democrats for Congress than Republican in this election.

    unfortunately because of Republican gerrymandered congressional districts, they still control the House. and even though they are a minority in the Senate, due to the filibuster they have virtual control there too.

    I am amazed that for the most part the Republicans have not had to pay a higher political price. for the last four years they have done everything they could due to harm the economy for political gains.

    I think what we need is voter reform so we have the representation we voted for. in some states it takes almost 2 Democratic votes for every 1 Republican vote in order to get a Democrat elected to Congress.

  6. Mark Says:

    the other thing that is needed is a change of the Senate rules on the filibuster. now all that is needed is for a Senator to stop a bill is to call for a filibuster and walk away, essentially ending all discussion. it used to be that they would have to hold the floor to stop a bill.

    if there is anything this last election has shown is that the Republicans like to put out half truths and sometimes out right lies, they can’t handle prolonged discussions because the lies and half truths get exposed.

  7. matt Says:

    Hmmm From 2007-2011 Dems had control of the House…. From 2007 to now Dems had and have control of the Senate… from 2009-2011 the Dems had control of all 3 branches of the Government…Yet all the problems are repubs fault? Dream on fellas and explain why the country told Pelosi & co. to go fuck themselves in 2009… Obama did not have to extend the tax cuts for the “rich” when they expired…and lets call them what they are.. the Obama tax cuts….. when he urged that they be extended, he owned them. The problem is not the repubs… it is all the DC slugs… O-fucking-it-is-always-someone-elses-fault-bama is as pathetic as the rest of them…. Bottom line though.. I agree with you Scott, lets go over the cliff. We keep hearing how wonderful everything was when Clinton was in office, so lets go back to Clinton tax rates. Oh and while we are at it… lets go back to Clinton era spending as well.

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