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This grotesquerie of loathsome criminals will not be getting ass raped in prison any time soon. Mores the pity.

These are some of the guys whom the government of the United States has said are responsible for setting up and managing an ongoing criminal enterprise and who knowingly funneled laundered drug money through their bank — HSBC the third largest bank in the world — and to Iranian backed terrorist organizations.

But the DOJ has, in its wisdom, determined that HSBC should simply pay a fine and that the criminals pictured above will not be subject to prosecution and will thus be able to collect their multi-million dollar year end bonuses.

So the lesson here is that if you’re a guy growing a little weed in your home to sell to the nice lady with glaucoma down the street, you will get your door kicked in and have the full weight of the law brought down upon your head and shoulders.

But if you’re a financial parasite who launders Mexican drug cartel money and funnels it through to middle eastern terror organizations — hey!  No harm no foul.

And if that weren’t bad enough, the guys responsible aren’t even the ones paying the fine that HSBC agreed to pay as part of the deal to keep them from being criminally prosecuted.

That falls to HSBC’s shareholders.

Who did nothing wrong except, of course, to unknowingly invest their money in a criminal enterprise.

There really are two systems of justice in this country.

Here’s Glenn Greenwald on the harshness of the criminal justice system that the rest of us are subjected to:

“Not everyone is subjected to that system of penal harshness. It all changes radically when the nation’s most powerful actors are caught breaking the law. With few exceptions, they are gifted not merely with leniency, but full-scale immunity from criminal punishment. Thus have the most egregious crimes of the last decade been fully shielded from prosecution when committed by those with the greatest political and economic power: the construction of a worldwide torture regime, spying on Americans’ communications without the warrants required by criminal law by government agencies and the telecom industry, an aggressive war launched on false pretenses, and massive, systemic financial fraud in the banking and credit industry that triggered the 2008 financial crisis.

The US government is expressly saying that banking giants reside outside of – above – the rule of law, that they will not be punished when they get caught red-handed committing criminal offenses for which ordinary people are imprisoned for decades. Aside from the grotesque injustice, the signal it sends is as clear as it is destructive: you are free to commit whatever crimes you want without fear of prosecution.”


8 Responses to “TOO BIG TO JAIL”

  1. Tony Says:

    Sometimes life is like a shit sandwich. The more “bread” you have….the less shit you have to eat. A sad yet true statement.

  2. Just Stopping By Says:

    Oddly, my roomie had not heard of this story. He essentially lives on rense dot com and eats conspiracy theories for breakfast (spoiler alert: everything bad is the fault of Jews or brown people, or lizard people disguised as Jews or brown people). He can go for hours about how the (unspecified) government is social-engineering into obedient cattle via food additives and invisible rays, and the time-travelling, anti-american negroes planted Obama in the White House for nefarious (unspecified) purposes.

    But a real, actual crime where the perpetrators are getting off free and clear? Crickets.

  3. Damien Oz Says:

    This is beyond words. This is just a national crime that should not be allowed to rest.

    These people are terrorists by association and why the Dept of Homeland Security, the NSA and the CIA haven’t busted heads is beyond me.

    It’s times like these that I think Marines should be called in to “manage” the situation.

  4. Continuum Says:

    The US has the best justice that money can buy.

    Ditto for health care.

    Ditto for government.

  5. Manny Says:

    Ah, to have one day to play the Game of Drones on these guys, and AIG, and Goldman Sachs and BP and …

  6. Angelo Davilo Says:

    You should read Matt Taibbi’s blog at “Rolling Stone”. He reams the Department of Justice over the story.

  7. Gregorio Says:

    I think Scott needs to be our Attorney General for the United States.

  8. Manny Says:

    It was announced today that the Selective Service and the DOJ are to merged to form the Department of Selective Justice.

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