Hey little sister who's your Superman?


But everything else is just fine.

12 Responses to “LOSE THE HAT”

  1. Damien Says:


  2. anonymous too Says:

    Where did he get that awful hat, the women’s department? Better get naked.

  3. patrick Says:

    really don’t care about the hat, those beautiful come fuck my eyes ! DAMN ! and those lips ! Scott please get this hottie naked and share with us

  4. bill Says:

    Freckles are soooo sexy.

  5. norman yelin Says:

    Be very quiet in the quiet car.

  6. Max Headroom Says:

    Without the hat, how else would you be able to place him as Kevin Bacon’s understudy during filming of Footloose?

  7. James Simms Says:

    Looks like a street hustler

  8. Snorkel3 Says:

    Those lips would just barely wrap around my dick, so yea. The hat is useful to wipe up after.

  9. Damien Oz Says:

    I think street hustlers are fine.

    I wouldn’t turn my back on one.

    But they fuck well.

  10. Jack Says:

    Your dick sounds pretty sweet, Snorkel3 . . . ;)

  11. parkrunner Says:

    I think the pics are from Barcelona. The Placa Reial. We used to smoke hash and wait for the Big Head parade during La Merce festival. If I’m wrong, It’s the lingering effects of the hash or the blunderbuss shooting off inches from my poor ears.
    You ever hit Barcelona during your Spain tour?

  12. Scott Says:

    Many times parkrunner. I used to drive up from Rota when we were given four day leaves.

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