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This was taken by me on my HTC Radar 4G phone a little while back.  It shows the effect that a good lighting tech can have on a dance floor in a nightclub when he pays close attention to both the DJ and the floor.

We have a saying at Q that our resident DJs and lighting techs all embrace — “Obey the floor/Obey the music.”

The action gets going toward the end — around the 3:00 mark — but there’s some nice use of  simple lighting changes in response to the music at 1:56 and again at 2:46 that are kinda sweet and help to raise the level of anticipation on the floor.

I particularly like the 1:56 mark where we go from epilepsy inducing flashing lights that have lulled the crowd along with the repetitive music — to the slow red sweeping spots that illuminate the dance floor when the bass drops in and that shows you the people clearly for the first time.

And most of this is being done with just the moving heads and 4 disco balls with a little bit of the ceiling LEDs in blue and red thrown in for good measure.



  1. Don Says:

    How loud is it on the dance floor in decibels?

    (When I tried submitting this question before, the math question did not appear. On the next try, it said that I had already asked that question…)

  2. Boss Mike Says:

    Sorry Scott… this is a total ego trip….. but good luck !

  3. Ginger Snap Says:

    As we say here in New Hampshire “wicked Awesome”

  4. Damien Says:

    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…
    Disco balls are couture…

    How long do I have to do this?

  5. Scott Says:

    Uh, Boss Mike — what the hell do you think a fucking blog is if not an ego trip?

    And speaking of ego trips . . . a person who calls himself Boss Mike is really gonna try to take ME to task for being on an ego trip?!?!?

    Seriously?????? I hope you see the irony. But I’m betting you don’t.

  6. Scott Says:

    Don, we run the sound system at about 70% of capacity with enough headroom remaining to go to about 125% if we want.

    At 70% the DB readings in the center of the dance floor are from 98 to 115. But the other night we unlimbered the system in a major way and took it to about 110% of capacity for a very short time and I took a DB reading on the floor of just over 130 DBs. Which is slightly less than the sound of an aircraft jet engine from 100 feet away.

    Needless to say, we offer ear plugs at our cashier window for anyone who wants them. Although the quality of the sound is so spectacular and pure that even at very high levels it doesn’t have the painful effect at high DBs that something creating simple noise like a jet or a jackhammer has.

  7. tball Says:

    hahahahaha! nice bitch slap scott. and boss mike, you’re clearly a tool (the clue to that is the use of “boss” in your name). your the type of person most normal people probably try to stay far away from.

  8. Don Says:

    Scott, thanks for that information. I commend you on being aware of the hearing damage patrons and employees could suffer from excessively loud sounds and thus making hearing protection available.

  9. Riun Says:

    I love that Boss Mike is so cluelessly unselfaware that he slags you for being on an ego trip but he refers to himself as “Boss”. I’ve got another name for him: DOUCHE.Haters gonna hate, Scott. And idiots like “Boss” Mike are just jealous when they encounter a real live boss like you, rather than someone who needs to award himself the title of “Boss” like this clown. I imagine he prolly typed his comment sitting in his parents basement that they turned into a bedroom for him after he got fired from his job. His fingers are orange from eating Cheetos and he has a big liter bottle of Code Red next to his computer and his mom is screaming for him to come up to dinner. And he’s screaming back “not now mom, I’m blogging!”


    I can not even tell you
    how many times
    I heard Diana Vreeland
    say the exactly
    the same thing
    (except in French).

    Woah-la ya’ll

    May you always

  11. christopher Says:

    Does all this stuff take a lot of electricity? What is the power bill for a month? Is it a major expense for a place like yours? Just curious, thanks!

  12. Scott Says:

    Our electric bill runs about the same as our water/sewer bill — about $2K a month, christopher.

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