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I think that all things being equal; the main reason for the ass kicking Mitt Romney received on election day was the simple fact that Americans recognized him for the truly┬ádespicable┬áperson that he is and simply couldn’t bring themselves to vote for such a duplicitous, mendacious, craven asshole.


  1. e.c. Says:

    Yes, isn’t it terrible that the President ran on policy proposals that actually benefit the MAJORITY of Americans and not just the privileged few. Can you imagine that people actually voted for what was best for THEIR families and not for YOU Mitt? I mean really, people want a government that actually serves its citizens, how crazy and selfish is that?


  2. Will Says:

    In other words, they realized what we who lived in Massachusetts during his governorship had demonstrated to us on a daily basis, that he truly is a “duplicitous, mendacious, craven asshole” just exactly as you say. And a dyed in the Mormon underwear homophobe into the bargain.

  3. Just Stopping By Says:

    So now, apparently, some conservative outfit is robocalling people to get support to impeach Obama for unspecified high crimes, and by the way, he may not even be a citizen. For fuck sake.

  4. Mark Says:

    anyone know how to contact Mitt?

    I haven’t got my free stuff yet. I need to find out where it is.

  5. TJ Says:


  6. Todd in DC Says:

    Romney couldn’t win Maine or Michigan. Ryan couldn’t win Wisconsin I’d conclude that the GOP had a shitty selection of candidates for president, but honestly, the GOP was simply too crazy to nominate Huntsman, who might have actually beaten Obama

  7. Danyboy Says:

    Mitt is pathetic, got in way over his capcities, and will fade away. He did us a great service by floating to the top of the toilet bowl full of Republican candidates, a true reflection of their values. As he makes himself increasingly irrelevant I hope I can send positive wishes to him to find some balance and peace after his gross overextended reach.

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