Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Soooooo I met this adorable boy last night at the club — 32 years old, A & F model handsome with a body to die for — and on top of that he was THE BEST KISSER EVAH!

He’s the chief-of-staff for some junior, east coast, Democratic congressman who was in town for a conference and we spent the evening talking, getting drunk, and smootching in public.

He was so cute and such a good kisser that when an adorable twink in a Nasty Pig jockstrap and a pair of taped together rapist glasses asked me if he could get up on our bar to do an impromptu go-go dance and then, after the dance, made a very serious pass at me, I couldn’t even be bothered with him — or his very big Nasty Pig encased weener — because the congressman’s chief-of-staff had me so ensorceled.

Also, too: he had his tongue down my esophagus down to my upper GI at the time and I feared that if he removed it my heart might very well stop beating.

Anyway, I just got back from dropping him off at the airport for his flight back east and now I’m thinking about maybe moving to his district so I can become a constituent and place daily demands on him as a member of his bosses voting public.

Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit frisky now, and that’s a good thing — given that porn stars Pierre Fitch, Jake Bass, and Seth Knight are in town for a little go-go boy action this weekend — and I imagine I’ll be seeing all of them {and stuffing money into their collective jockstraps} at the club at some point during the next couple of days.

It’s a rough life owning a nightclub — but somebody’s got to do it.  And I feel that it’s incumbent upon me to take the bullet and suffer under the burden of a tawdry life such as mine so you guys don’t have to.

And I’ll be back.


  1. TJ Says:

    You get quick action… but my advice would be to hold off on that move. Wouldn’t be prudent.

    Or is that the point? ;)

  2. James Says:

    Why don’t the cute boys ever flock to the unemployed, over educated, hacks? LOL

    Have a fun weekend.


    Daaaaamn…last time i got ensorcelled real good was 11th grade.
    I’m feelin your joy
    or is that
    fillin’ ur boy….
    Nostalgia makes my brain hurty

  4. Bob Says:

    ………So, Scott…. It was only kissing, because you are a gentleman, and respected him too much having just met, to go farther?

  5. Manny Says:

    ” I believe in MIRACLES, you sexy thing!”

  6. BOB Says:

    Scott, I really wanted to say “Do what I always did — ply him with liquor and make him suck you in the toilet, before taking him home and ravaging his ass until he screams” — but then, I am too old to do that, it seems so “80s”, and you own the place, so can’t be seen doing it.
    I AM SO GLAD THAT YOU GOT BACK IN THE GAME — and ten days before your birthday, so will hit it rolling.

  7. Paul in NYC Says:

    Damn, you’re gonna end up in the White House yet…at least humping and thumping in the Lincoln Bedroom, if not the Family Quarters.

  8. Gregorio Says:

    I can already tell this blog is going to get VERY interesting going forward ;) Happy for you!

  9. Boss Mike Says:

    go for it !

  10. Luis Says:


  11. Tim Quebedeaux Says:

    I don’t think I have ever seen a man with MORE GAME in all areas.

    ahhhh, it is hot in here.


  12. RG Says:

    Well, THAT didn’t take long! LOL

  13. Rami Says:

    you go girl. something tells me you’re particular fun to hang out with as of late… :)

  14. Greg Says:

    Love is Everywhere!

  15. Damien Says:

    You work quick Mr Smith

  16. joseph Says:

    It’s nice to know that there are still men out there that like to make out. In my experience that is the exception more than the rule. Damnit.

  17. wehotom Says:

    I am, at this moment, googling all the junior, east coast, Democratic congressmen to try and track this one down. I’ll just look. I swear.

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