Hey little sister who's your Superman?


Here’s Mitt Romney during his acceptance speech at the GOP convention — a speech in which he never once mentioned the war being fought by American troops who are still being maimed and killed every day in Afghanistan.


  1. carter Says:

    Nor the contribution of both wars to the national debt that he so thinks should not exist at all.
    Interesting the Republicunts still want to war-monger, aka beef up the defense budget, but somehow also try to figure out a way of not having it become part of the national debt!
    Voodoo economics.

  2. I wont grow up Says:

    Favorite line: “Yes you did you invaded Poland”. Absolutely brilliant and still funny after all these years.

  3. Maverick Says:

    Of course the plutocratic oligarch didn’t mention the war, he doesn’t have a ‘dog’ in that fight. His elitist spawn are far too good to put themselves through the humiliation, the arduous training of those who willingly put themselves in harms way to be a professional defender of this nation. No, he leaves that to the sons* of the ‘lesser beings’ who make up the 99 percent. You know, those same people to whom Mrs. Romney said, “That’s all YOU PEOPLE are going to see of our tax returns!” (Pardon us, Lady Romney! You’re right, we just might find out how much of a tax right-off you’ve been getting for that haute ecole dressage mare you are so fond of showing!) No, Mittens much prefers to let the sons and daughters of the ‘lower’ classes bleed and die for their country and his financial interests. Let his five little princes breed more children of privilege to live their lives of comfort, security and ease from from the labors of the people who really do the work of actually building this nation. (Sorry, Mitt, people who use crooked laws to defraud hard working Americans out of their fair share of the profits don’t work; they scheme, connive, collude, and swindle without ever breaking an honest sweat!)

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